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  1. Sim City: Wishlists

    Just one li'l thing: - Region Play (at least in Single-player)... - ...and a cup of coffee, thankyouverymuch! Sorry to sound like a broken record (I mean, since that old Cities XL biz), but that's one thing I couldn't miss from SimCity 4 IMHO. Most of what I've seen so far already excites me, so I won't bother folks over at Maxis and SimTrop for anything else. Multi-player is OK to me, as long it doesn't crush Single-player's features. OK, back to lurking. See ya!
  2. Can we invite Focus Home over here?

    Originally posted by: Androv I wouldn't blame them if they were hesitant given the welcome the MC guys received from some forum members.quote> You mean THIS kind of welcome? Or this one perhaps? Edited; please talk about the issues, not each other. --Liv
  3. Monte Cristo closing

    First of all, it's always sad to see anybody lose their job, no matter what. My heart goes to those who lost their jobs and I hope they'll find a new one as soon as possible. I'm sure their experience and talents won't be wasted in vain. Cheers to all the guys over at MC, especially Philippe (I have to say, btw, he's a nice guy; wish we have met under different circumstances) and the others for their children (as written at the bottom of the game's manual), even though they're facing a very difficult moment as well. In hindsight, after the old forum (and beyond) experience, I think Monte Cristo was already facing financial difficulties, with StarPeace first and City Life later. Probably they knew that under standard marketing strategies they couldn't recover from their losses with simple retail sales, hence their gamble and the risks of the Planet Offer with all the silence and ambiguities on the developer's side and the frustation on the community's one. On the other hand, MC got some investors to "bet" on their ambitious project, which gave them more resources and opportunities to make a more appealing game to sell and allowed them to delay its release (for those who remember, CXL was supposed to be in stores within 2008). Please note this paragraph above is entirely based on personal speculation, so don't take it too seriously. Also, bear in mind I'm not attacking nor defending their decisions that brought their studio to this. I wholeheartedly agree this is not the right place. That said, I believe MC had a lot for the game under their belt. According to Paul Pedriana (Maxis' lead programmer) on this note posted by Tarkus here, it was way too early to make "The New SimCity 5" according to our dreams back at that time (2004), and therefore SCS was only a way for EA to get some quick bucks in the meantime... perhaps, not the way we were expecting it to be, but I'm still optimistic something nice will still come in the following years. This is, in part, why nobody can yet deliver a full, next-gen, SC4-like city-builder at present, but on the other hand, I strongly believe the current technology can get a little closer to SC5, and CXL did prove this is possible in a way IMHO. All in all, the game is the closest thing to SC5, despite all the tremendous amount of sacrificed features compared to SC4 Vanilla. Anyway, sorry for my rant. All the best to these guys, they need it.
  4. The end of planet offer

    Originally posted by: Gregory_C Hi everyone, It is a sad day for the online game, but believe me we are just as sad as you are.quote> Uh? We really tried everything we could so that the online game succeeds..quote> Really? I *never* thought you did... Unfortunately it didn't work out. quote> Why, that's certainly surprising! How did it happen? I understand there are a number of questions going on right now, but there are a number of them we can't answer right now. All the questions we can answer are part of our FAQ. As soon as we can give you more information we will do it.quote> Same old, same old... The online game will come to an end, but it will still be online for another month and a half. And there are some positive things also : the solo game will continue.And we are already working to improve it and add new content. And of course the Bus will be coming to the solo game too.quote> I say, you did put yourselves in such a situation. It was the only way to make you work seriously on the SP portion of the game and the inclusion of buses is the evidence. You simply ignored and neglected the very community you called back in 2007 for a business model I still fail to understand and now you come here to spill the beans saying your PO didn't work. Give me a break and start to make a serious game if you still want to carry on... We told you all along this wasn't going to work. Well, here you are. Money really do the talk. And believe me, I'm actually encouraging you to succeed. But I don't need you to believe me, the sun doesn't need you to believe in it to rise in the morning (nor do I expect you'll still behave respectfully and responsibly from now on, uh-huh). Have a nice day. (Suddenly my interest for the game has risen up a little. How curious... )
  5. Let's see how things are going...

    Originally posted by: kiwispanker Well I'm not sure I totally agree here. SC4 has been as constant as hot dogs ~ yes, I compared the two (see the chart below). Sim City 4 has also been fairly stable during the past two or three years. Although if Cities XS does become and extra-large game as we were led to believe, then sure, SC4 could fall into this oblivion you speak of.quote> There are some problems as Garek said, because I compared hot dog (singular), hot dogs and simcity 4 without quotes... and the outcome was a little different. Guess the right line falls between these two items? Originally posted by: mrdazza_460 Let’s put some graphs into MC favour. Hear you can see anther of MC target markets, they show MC is doing better then SC4 has ever will.quote> Trends is still under development (Google Labs). I already tried the regional search before posting this and I know it didn't work properly, that's why I said: This is (roughly) the situation of the three city-building games in the United States.quote> Now, as for this... Why do you have a personal vendetta agents CXL? You can PM me the response if you wish or whatever, I would just like to know how you can go from “the most welcoming member” to now.quote> Sent you a PM.
  6. I've been watching this from Google Trends for some weeks and kept my mouth shut while reading all people's comments here at ST and elsewhere. Here you can see how the word "Cities XL" is mentioned by users throughout the Internet (or like somebody here at ST said, by those that are "as worthless as Zimbabwean money") with Google Trends. Trends is a nice little thingy that allows you to track any topic you like and make comparisons. In this case, I've been following SimCity 4, SimCity Societies and Cities XL worldwide since January 2004. (click to open Google Trends search in "All Regions") As you can see, SimCity 4 is slowly dying and falling into oblivion (can't say what are those occasional peaks though, the NAM perhaps?), while SimCity Societies proved to be a huge flop. According to this graph, SCS made some noise when it was announced in May 2007 and reached its peak at release, but immediately fell after a few weeks, and even the old SC4 slightly surpassed it and kept surviving declaring SCS's doom. Its EP Destination didn't help. As for Cities XL, things look as bleak. The two small peaks are respectfully the "GIMME BETA LOLZ!!!11" phase and the demo release, till the obvious sharp line that is the release data and post-release reaction. As soon as the game was released people were indeed looking forward to getting this game as soon as they could because of the huge hype that surronded this game, but because of their disappointment, they immediately stopped talking about it. Our recent comments are also included in this graph, but most people already moved on. Now CXL is mentioned as much as SC4 today, that alas, is slowly approaching death as well. This is (roughly) the situation of the three city-building games in the United States. (click to open Google Trends search in the U.S.) That's more or less the condition of this genre, and sorry to say this, it doesn't look very good, whether you love CXL or not, because SC4 isn't that healthy either. Feel free to compare anything you like, and I recommend you to use quotes for a more precise search (as the word "Cities" alone may include other fields you're not interested in). I do NOT recommend to compare any CB game to other big titles like "World of Warcraft" or "Dragon Age: Origins" for the sake of your sanity... This is just my own personal research, but feel free to discuss and comment... as long as you keep the discussion 'clean' from too-personal or too-fanboy-ish comments or somebody may feel offended because you bashed their favorite game and will have to close this thread as well... DISCLAIMER The data Trends produces may contain inaccuracies for a number of reasons, including data-sampling issues and a variety of approximations that are used to compute results.quote>
  7. Take a video bus ride

    Counting # of times people said the word 'look' (or 'looking forward') above this post... 7 It's always all about the *looks.* Nobody wonders about what's really under the rug (hint: subscription) when they're dazzled with tempting videos for a while. Typical.
  8. The Mass Transit Discussion Thread

    Originally posted by: LBII Ah come on guys! Mass transit = Planet Offer! Stop complaining about it and buy the Planet Offer!quote> I'm sorry you can't see beyond your mere interest in playing games online, but me, I don't like to play them because MMOs just are not my cup of tea. Especially city-building games: I play them occasionally when I'm feeling inspired to make something for me alone, without worrying about payments or deadlines. I can personally afford to pay several months of subscription but I'm just not interested: I don't want to play the PO, even if it was for free. I respect you like and enjoy playing Cities XL online, but please, at least try to understand why people are angry. Or just ignore them if you disagree. Just play and relax if you must. Originally posted by: ACEH P.S. Where did his post gone?!? quote> Guess our free-speech friends had a good time here...
  9. The Mass Transit Discussion Thread

    Originally posted by: urbanlife So is this game even selling good for them?quote> You mean like... price drop?
  10. Comparing Simcity and Cities XL

    Originally posted by: bluespottedhorse My only gripe with SC4 is the maps being too small 4x4 km and no curved roads.quote> I'm with you here on curved roads: it's one big thing in CXL, that's for sure. Point is, would you exchange everything else for curved roads? As for 4x4km maps in SC4, that's what Region Play is for. I don't care about the map size as long as I can expand my city with multiple maps across a theoretically unlimited region. That's definitely one of the best SC4 features and it's really, really, really bad SCS, CL and CXL didn't have it at all (looks like their developers never realized such potential for a 'modern' CB game)... not to mention mass transit (sorry, couldn't resist ). Dunno about you, but I just can't go back to SC3K-style maps anymore. I mean, would you come back to Windows ME after you've installed XP or Vista or Seven? Or lose some of the coolest or most popular spells in your favorite (MMO)RPG? This is not exactly my idea of evolution. You might see it differently, but that's just me.
  11. Reviews of Cities XL

    Originally posted by: abcvs There's only one size of lots, no ambient sounds, no regions, no ability to edit maps or create new ones, no sandbox mode, no trains, no subways, no buses. quote> Really? Say it isn't so! When did we find out these important and crucial facts, and why was no one here informed of this previously? People have been playing this game for a few weeks now... strange that no one has mentioned any of these things before... (Much.) [/sarcasm]quote> Ooo. Let me try, let me try: Please talk about the issues, not each other.quote> Wow! That was groovy. Moderating is fun. Thank you. Please, carry on. [*Audible smirk - abcvs]
  12. Comparing Simcity and Cities XL

    Couldn't have said it better myself, Toroca. You have summed up the whole issue in just one post. Way to go!
  13. Pros and Cons

    Pros - 3D graphics (always welcomed) - Street view (much appreciated) - Realistic terrains - Somewhat addictive - Explores a new CB gaming dimension (PO, even though...) Cons - Unfriendly simulation engine (focus on private transportation, poor budget management, difficult placement of highways and buildings) and UI (you often have to guess what to do next) - Expensive civic, utility, leisure buildings and unbalanced upkeep costs - Bad rendering at close views (textures are too small and therefore low-res) - Doesn't exploit its potential (i.e. curvy roads vs big square lots, terrains vs building on slopes) The Awesome! - Curvy roads (including tunnels and bridges) - Refined pathfinding (radius restriction abandoned) The Horror! - Single-player mode is deliberately neglected (it's as clear as day) - Low customization and unnecessary restrictions (limited custom content, no regions, no terraforming, build city hall at start, build city links) - Almost no sounds (how appropriate for a company that pretended to be listening to people...) - Shallow, repetitive... yawny... zzzish (if you're insomniac, you may actually take this for a good point...) - Too buggy for release
  14. Reviews of Cities XL

    Originally posted by: LBII Oh, that's good : what developper will take the chance now to create a city-builder with all the SC4-fundamentalist asking for the impossible... snip If were still stuck with SimCity 4 five or ten years from now, don't ask yourself why, it's because you put the standard way too high!quote> Nobody's asking for the impossible: MC aimed for it. They deliberately decided to withhold Mass Transit and updates from the single-player game just because they wanted to force... persuade people to join their Planet Offer, but they don't (want to) understand that playing online isn't for all. Not to mention that they don't want artists to make custom content on their own, because if somebody makes a super-building and upload it to the PO, that would be cheating, so they decided to kill two pigeons with one stone by denying free CC creation for both modes (you can only submit them stuff and then *maybe* you'll get it in the game), while they actually just shot themselves in the foot. If they wanted to make an "optional" (they did define it optional) MMO feature, more power to them. But don't make a watered down SP mode just because you think you'll get more money this way. No, the PO is their top priority, and they call this "optional"? Give me a break! So, again, who's asking for the impossible? If I was the CEO of a computer game company, I would never try to work on an alternative because the fan community can't be satisfied anyway and they'll turn against you on forums and user comments on websites!quote> Here's a quick hint: make a website where people can be free to suggest ideas and help improve the CB genre. Also, make polls to understand what the audience wants. Ask questions to fans, then answer their questions. No gimmicks, no marketing tricks, just be crystal-clear and don't confuse them. Start from what the fanbase wants, then move to the details with new expansion packs and free patches. I assure you it's easy as pie. Closing their own forums was a clear sign they didn't respect the fanbase and will hurt them in the long run. The forum was supposed to be a place for open discussion and ideas as they said "Register here to help us define the future of city-building games." This is a big no-no in my book, and not very MMO-ish as forums and blogs are typical ON-line activities... Sure, Cities XL is not perfect, and I admit that on the building and transportation, Simcity 4 (with Rush Hour) is way more complete. But we can't close or eyes on the fact that we have new options that open the genre with Cities XL. Some people here are doing exactly the good thing to make sure that Simcity 4 and Cities XL become the last city-simulator ever made!quote> New options? You mean curvy roads? Sure, they are more than welcomed here, but I won't trade off everything else I got from SC4 Vanilla (not even Rush Hour, mind you) out of the box just for these "new options." I believe in evolution of games and boycott half-baked stuff. Or you probably meant 3D perspective and street view? Well, SCS was 3D, yet... you saw what happened. The Planet Offer? Sorry, not interested.
  15. Mass Transit should be included in Solo mode!

    Guys, have you already forgotten? Are you really sure Mass Transit in SP alone is Cities XL's Deus Ex Machina? I know it's the most popular (and obvious) feature you'd expect to get out of the box in a city-building game in 2009: even SCS and City Life had buses and subways, and as everybody knows, they weren't exactly the typical CB player's cup of tea. Together we can change MC's mind!!!quote> Sigh... I can't help it: looks like I'm officially the unofficial CXL historian... Back when CitiesXL.com was an open discussion site, people started to worry about how deep the SP game was going to be after MC announced their game is an MMO. Little by little and by chance (so not from MC's official quotes, but from ambiguous articles and translations), we learned that Cities XL was heading more to its multiplayer side than solo, so things we were accustomed to like: - visual utility management (power and water. I'm not a particular fan of pipes, but, you know...) - regions (the most popular topic of 2008, wanted almost unanimously) and terraforming - custom content - smaller and oddly-shaped lots - building on slopes - the Mass Placement Tool (where you place tags to lots) - the Multiple Lanes Feature - no city hall at start and many other things that never got a solid answer by MC's side, only vague posts which generated even more questions... Once Beta started, some were already skeptical on the game's potential and after tons of "Gimme Beta Key NOW LOLZ!!!11eleven", they tested and finally tried and felt the game: - the overall simulation engine - the budget management - placement of farms - the restrictive City Links - the buggy trade window - the clunky UI - the expensive civic and utility buildings - deletion of entire road/highway segments - no sounds - etc. - plus the other stuff people passionately discussed in the old public site which were painfully answered only by testing the game and NOT by MC themselves. Only one last question to answer: "Will there be Mass Transit in Cities XL?" The official forum was belly up to make room to the shiny, cool-looking website with a whole page dedicated to the Planet Offer which mentioned Mass Transit. Beta forum: "Does this mean Mass Transit is ONLY for the PO???????????????" (which, at least to me, highlights how much people craved for an MMOCBG), Monte Cristo: Yes, things stand as they are officially listed on this page. The Planet Offer is what will allow us to sustain further developments for the game and keep our city builder constantly evolving with new features, including additional transport system. So, to answer in a very straightforward manner: yes, public transportation will be part of the content made available for Planet Offer subscribers. Except for the bus system, as it is mentioned as free additional content for everyone on the Cities XL Information web page.quote> The beta forum literally blew up and many people decided to stop playing the beta making the whole trading practically impossible as nobody was planning to play anymore. But that's not all: when Dirk interviewed MC, they acknowledged they have made a HUUUUUGE mistake, so, thank goodness, they corrected themselves: Mass transportation (including buses) will be part of the future features and, as such, will only be part of the Planet Offer. We intend to deliver the bus system this side of Christmas and will confirm as soon as we can.quote> The rest is already well-known... Will MC change their mind? Maybe. Halloween is coming, so people might want to talk to them with the appropriate costume: So, I'll ask you once again, are you really, really, *REALLY* sure that Mass Transit alone is the only problem with this game?