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  1. Hello, i have searched the forums but am unable to locate what i want to ask. i am playing in single player mode and have two cities running (oil and ore). i am playing with a few mods (extended worker detail, functional guides, freight functionality, and simcity4 roads in simcity2013). i have all three wealth classes in both cities. i am now playing the ore city and the residential is just now upgrading to medium density. i have lots of unemployed sims (all wealth classes) and its showing no jobs available. i checked a low wealth factory and it is showing the following job openings my first question is why is it showing no job openings? my second question is why are they not being filled? i have let the game run for 5 to 10 minutes (real time) on llama speed but nothing changes. i have had this problem even before using mods but didn't know how many jobs each business had (until using extended worker detail mod, awesome mod to). is the mod telling what the highest number of jobs COULD be at the HIGHEST density? like low density is 10, medium density is 12, and high density is 14? i'll test this theory and if this is the case ill edit this post. to be honest, i never paid any attention to that and have deleted all my other regios . also on a side question, what "freight" does medium and high wealth commercial businesses want? is it tech level 2 and 3 factories? thanks for any help.