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  1. Invisible Texture and No Grass

    OK Thanks Guys. I have left the school from now, due to the fact that we moved. Ill keep my eyes open online, Thanks!
  2. Invisible Texture and No Grass

    I don't have a legal copy that is currently in there know, but my computer had some true files in which I took out of the program files when I put in the new files, and then copied and repleaced the true files back into the program files. so it has a mixture of true and false files. I have bought three copies for school so I have paid for the game, but my teachers didn't allow me to keep a copy at the end of the year. I am wondering is there a way to fix it. I have a texture pack, will that fix the texture. If you need pictures to see it, let me know that I can do later since I am at school. I plan to start a YouTube channel where SimCity 4 and Minecraft would be the main series. If you need anything let me know!
  3. Ok, Heres my probelm. Last year we had a project in school that we had to use Simcity 4 I had to unistall it, but when i checked the Program Files on my computer, about 3/8 of the files stayed. I just ignored it. I recently got back into this style game from cities skylines, but I have Vista so I can't run it. I downloaded the simcity files needed for the game to run and copied and replaced them into my program files. when I started the game for the first time, a message came up about a Graphics Rule. I Haven't gotten it since. I am missing the texture for buildings that would have parking lots or like the cemetery only has the single tomb in the middle, not the others. When I place down parks, it shows that they have been placed, but no lot or struture shows up. The other probelm is when a building grows in any zone, grass does not show up, but the dirt that is there when they build the house, stays. I also have a probelm that if i try to use a plane, it gets stuck in a building or it won't even take off just spin in a circle. Helicopters also start in a road, not on a helipad on top of a building. I will post pictures later. I don't know the verision either. I also have plugins for buildings and changing textures of like trains, but no mods. Thanks!