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    SimCity 4, duh! Transportation Infrastructure
  1. Tribute to A Nonny Moose

    I haven't been on here for a long time for various reasons. It's sad to see that he won't be around anymore. I remember chatting with him in the forums about Canadian politics. I appreciated his perspective on the topic, and others where we crossed paths. I feel enriched to have had the opportunity to be acquainted to him, as I'm sure many others feel too.
  2. Hello, Could someone enlighten me as to why SC4 would crash when I launch disasters?
  3. Zimmerman acquited.

    Whatever happened, it is between Mr. Zimmerman and God (or insert your own religious diety here). There were mistakes made by everyone involved. Just because the verdict didn't come out the way many had hoped, there is absolutely no reason for the country to stoop back to the 1960s and reopen Civil Rights wounds that still have not faded.
  4. Big Brother Is Spying On You!

    Here is another bit of comic relief: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3cw4185gvM
  5. Tell us your favourite jokes

    It's Friday, want to meet up Saturday and have a sundae?
  6. The Countdown Game

    73! My lucky number. So the object of the game is to keep the IT person from posting at #1 or keep them from posting at all?
  7. U.S. High Speed Rail

    Existing track from Washington, DC to Orlando, FL is 899 miles, so 1446 km. (driving 847 miles/1363 km) Amtrak already runs service between those two points (and beyond). The trip takes... 19 hours and 17 minutes. Yes, that is an average speed of 46.6 mph. Welcome to the lovely world of Amtrak. (if you drive you can do it in 12 hours and change). Among other reasons, Amtrak trains have to make several stops at small stations along the way (closest one to me is Florence, SC). Is there a way for trains to just pass stations where no one is departing/boarding?
  8. *BZZT* *BZZT* *BZZT* Wake up!

    Depends on my work schedule, when I work at 5:30AM, I set my alarm for 4:15AM. Work at 10, alarm is set for 8:15AM. Work at 4:30PM, I wake up at 9:15. Whenever i get a new job, that will certainly change.
  9. Obeity be Consideed a Disease?

    If you smoke long enough, you get lung cancer. If you drink too much alcohol, you're liver will fail. If you eat too much junk and don't take care of yourself, you get grossly overweight. It isn't a disease, it is poor choice.
  10. U.S. High Speed Rail

    I'm thinking in a more regional system, like say a Atlanta-Florida system and a North Carolina system and so on with links between them for regional travel.
  11. Public Schools Crunch in NYC

    This may be a stereotype and I apologize to any NYC natives, but I never thought NYC schools were all that good. This leads me to a question I have pondered: What if New York City became its own state (or like DC)?
  12. U.S. High Speed Rail

    Maybe a HSR train similar to the French TGV? I think a high-speed rail line would best serve the east coast through the Great Lakes, From Florida through Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, up to Washington (and/or Philadelphia) to connect with the NE Corridor. The Great Lakes route could go through Pittsburgh, Columbus or Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Chicago, and Minneapolis-St. Paul.
  13. Detroit's bankruptcy

    A lot of cities are engaging in urban renewal projects. I used to live in Columbus, Ohio, they were in the process of tearing down an old mall in the heart of downtown and replacing it with a park as well as revitalizing the downtown riverfront. I'm don't have a source, but I believe Columbus has been able to weather the recession pretty well by having a diverse economy and demographic. Cities like Cleveland and Detroit suffer because they are a one-horse town, if their main industry picks up and moves, there is nothing for those cities to fall back on.
  14. U.S. High Speed Rail

    I think the only way I'd get on a plane anymore would be a transcontinental or transoceanic flight.
  15. Obeity be Consideed a Disease?

    The way I see it, as long as you are able to take care of yourself, it doesn't matter who big or small you are.