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  1. Vancouver Lower Mainland PRO

    and just to clarify, if you right click the config map (the red, green, blue image) and save it it should save as the correct size, not the large image shown.
  2. Vancouver Lower Mainland PRO

    http://www.simtropolis.com/omnibus/index.cfm/Main.SimCity_4.How_to_Install_STEX_BATs,_Lots_and_Maps ^^should answer anyone's questions about how to install maps
  3. Welcome to Emeryville!

    Some beautiful shots here. I like how the farms follow the flat, presumably silt rich soil along the river, it's a nice touch. (But will flooding ever be a problem?) One suggestion: include the names of the mods/custom content you use, like that neat school, for reference.
  4. How do you spice up rural life?

    Thanks for the suggestions all.
  5. OCA: Many of your questions about user-created custom content (BATs, Mods, etc.) can be answered here: http://www.simtropolis.com/omnibus/index.cfm/Main.SimCity_4.How_to_Install_STEX_BATs,_Lots_and_Maps That will tell you how to install BATs and organize your plugins folder.
  6. So I've been having a lot of fun playing around with a very rural region lately, but I am beginning to get bored of endless farm sprawl. What do all you Simtropolis folks do to keep rural areas interesting? I'm mostly interested in stuff that doesn't involve downlading tons of custom content, but I have enjoyed using things like PEG's Sky Farms and the rural variety pack. I also tend to use a lot of trees to put borders between farms. I'm also considering trying Darmok's rural trail pack. What else do people suggest?
  7. Sim City Deluxe Edition Speed Corruption

    My new driver helped but did not eliminate the problem, as it turned out. So I poked around here through old topics and found someone or other suggesting that the problem might be due to SC4 not being optimized for a dual-core processor, which I have. I opened Sim City, then hit ctrl-alt-del to get to processes and changed SC4 to be high priority and *set the affinity to just one processor core.* This seems to have finally fixed the problem, but only time will tell!
  8. Sim City Deluxe Edition Speed Corruption

    I just downloaded an old version of the driver from NVIDIA and it seems to have corrected my problem. You can try it using the NVIDIA site. Go to http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx?lang=en-us or just go to the main driver site and click "beta and archived drivers." Actually looks like I may have actually had a really old version of the driver instead of one that was too new, so maybe even downloading the latest one would work? I'm not sure.
  9. Sim City Deluxe Edition Speed Corruption

    Hmm, I also just realized that I've lost props on most buildings, but I have to assume that's from switching too many graphics settings too quickly. I didn't notice when it first happened, but I bet I can undo it. The city I'm testing with is far too small to have developed "prop pox" as it seems to be described elsewhere and I only have a few plugins installed (having just reinstalled the game). I will test further and maybe try a clean install since I have nothing to lose. I'll report back. As I suspected the loss of props was just from a setting I hadn't noticed I had changed. At this point I've tried removing all plugins and messing with all the in-game graphics options and nothing helps with the main problem. I strongly suspect it's something to do with my new Nvidia GeForce driver.
  10. Sim City Deluxe Edition Speed Corruption

    mrzepplin, I am running with a GeForce 7600 GS and having a similar problem. This never happened before I reformated this computer and reinstalled the drivers, leading me to think that a newer driver for the card than I used to have may be a contributing factor. The game time seems to be running normally, but the graphics become jerky and way too fast (e.g. smoke plumes flickering quickly, blinking lights stobing, etc.) I tried software mode without any result, so if anyone has any brilliant ideas I'd love to hear them.
  11. Originally posted by: ck07 I'm having trouble getting low-density R lots to face the right way; I keep winding up with quite a few that don't face anything. Also having trouble getting streets to line up. If I zone R on both sides of a road, the street placement is often different. Is it true that R must face streets but that C and I do not have to? For a city starting from scratch, should I prefer the R lots to be 1x1, 1x2, or 1x3? Finally, when I click and drag to zone but then change my mind, I can't find a way to release the mouse button without zoning at least one square. Is it possible to avoid this? quote> It's worth noting that you can hold shift while zoning to prevent the game from automatically placing roads. Likewise, holding ctrl will force whatever you zone into one lot rather than many small lots (this is also how to zone industry that faces a specific direction rather than just general ind zoning). Also, pressing Esc is an easier way to cancel a zone without actually zoning anything. As for R lot size that's really completely up to you, although I tend to prefer 1x2 R lots for suburbs. Thanks re farms. The number of jobs is tiny compared to medium industrial. Are they just not intended to be a way to gain decent revenue? There seems to be no correlation between farm size and building size; maybe I should build them all small. I've built schools and clinics. They are funded to capacity > usage, but there is no change at all in either education or health "auras," to use the SC3 word. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong, or? My industrial zones all say "long freight distance." Do I need a railroad w/freight station? Where do I put the other end--in residential? With a freight station? quote> Farms simply are not designed to offer as many jobs as medium or heavy industry will. As noted above it's the base building that determines jobs, not the size of the farm, and fields can be destroyed without affecting the farm's jobs if the barn/greenhouse/main whatever is left alone. For more interesting farms check out the STEX. Freight distance is how long it takes freight to get to the edge of the city map or to a seaport. Do you have good transportation connections to neighboring cities? Rail or highway can help but normal streets should be sufficient if they're not too far away from a city edge. Hope this helped.
  12. Neighbor Deals -- Water

    I understand exactly what your saying, but sadly can offer you no help, as I have no idea why it would do that. Perhaps try deleting (or just temporarilly moving to a different folder) your downloaded mods and trying the game to see if one of them appears to be causing the bug. And since this is a utility bug thread, anyone happen to know why I can no longer make neighbor deals for power? I think it happened after I downloaded the latest NAM.