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Tremorton Valley

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About this City Journal

How the decisions of the new ambitious mayor of Emeryville affect the whole region of Tremorton Valley.

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Thanks for the very nice comments!

Watking Springs Region

Watkin Springs, a serene silent little place. Untill now, because geologists discovered an enormous bauxite reserve just beneath the surface. Lightning fast Hogensen Mining Corp. had clamed the site and began construction off a road and railway to the site to provide the building materials and construction equipment. Three months later the Watkin Springs Extraction Site was up and running.

Watking Springs Extraction Site

The site had a power generator, water tower, some factories, a railstation, the local Hogenson Corp. Office and some houses of the permanent employees. 

Watkin Springs Extraction Site Mining Pit

Without any major problems the mining of the land started. The woods were cut and the scraping pit were dug. Normally such a major project would have found a lot of enemies, as it would pollute the Mirage river, leave a giant scar in the earth amongst other things. Because of the crisis anything that stimulated the economy was a gift from heaven!


What did just happen? Where did the trucks go, the people, the pollution?


Off course there were people opposed to this mine. Jack Smith from Middleville, who likes to fish in the Mirage River, contacted his nephew who is a scientist associated with the Metroville University. So he came to Watkin Springs to do some researce. After a few days he discovered: An Albino Squirrel which lived at Watkin Springs. And it wasn't just one mutated version, but an entire species wich might disappear if the cutting of the local forests continued. But more important than the extinction of the species was the fact that the little albino squirrels were disgustingly cute. And before you could say "News item of the year," every radio and television station of simnation had a newsvan on the site. There were protests, petitions, facebook groups, and it was even twittered!

Hogenson Mining Corp. was forced to leave the site under tremendous public pressure.

But what to do with the abandonned site? It started to decay, to rot away, as did the media attention.

Emeryville needed to do something with the site, there even was a local power generator, a water pump and some other things. A little later the mayor was contacted by a giant building consortium from Metroville with an attractive proposal...


This is what the site looked like two months after that phone call.

Former Hogensen Mining Corp. Extraction Site

This is what the site looks like two years after that phone call, more precisely today.

That unnamed consortium turned this quiet little place into a trendy, wealthy town. 

New buildings

The consortium used the media buzz in a very smart way. This place was portrayed as heaven on earth being raped by a corporate machine. So the consortium build a town wich attracted exclusive shops, filthy rich people, socialites and even some big time stars. (Its even rumored that George Spooney, JBO and Natalie Vortman have a house up on the hills.) Till today the town is expanding with new exclusive, rediculously overpriced housing, shops and five star hotels!

Last shot

But for those prices you can get a little peace of heaven... And you might see a albino squirrel!



@locolobo: That school was made by the amazing mattb325 and it's called Bourke Street Public School. You can download it over here on the lex.


Once there was a town called Ranton and not much later New Ranton, they were divided by hatred and reunited by money. (What else?) Let me tell you the tale...

A long time ago the town Ranton was founded. It was located on both sides off  the San Pablo Bridge, one off the oldest bridges on the Mirage river. At a certain moment rivalry between the east and west side of the town began. Over the years the tension grew till it inevitably exploded. Street riots, fires, even a few deaths where the result. Luckily the Governor of Tremorton Valley intervined. He splitted the town along the Mirage river and ordered the San Pablo Bridge to be distroyed.


Till this day the rediculous fight continious, Every year at the Emeryville Festival there are still figths between Ranton and New Ranton citizens. Meetings between Ranton and New Ranton residents doen't always lead to a fight but it always results in a discussion. Some examples:

1) Between a regular Ranton farmer and a regular New Ranton farmer:

NR: "We've got the best flowers in all of tremorton valley! They are a true sign of god's existance!

R: "So what! Animals eat flowers! They $%&^! em back out! They aren't pretty anymore after that, believe me! No, the true sign of god's existance is all the magnificent livestock at our auction. A real marvel, all so big and healthy!!

NR: "Nobody talks about our flowers that way! *KAPOW*


2) Between two bankers:

R: "Our local stock corrected itself really nicely in the second semester of the third year of this quarter due to the fact that the financial planner stock split our investional planner who's p/e ratio was enormous!

NR: "Our interest was 7 percent last year AND we even made a substantial profit"

R: "...And your p/e ratio?"

NR: "Does that really matter?"

R: "F*** YOU!"

3) Between two housewives:

NR: "Slut!"

R: "Whore!" *Longest bitchfight you've ever seen*

4) Between...

I could go on and on and on but that wouldn't move this story forward, would it?

The solution is in sight!

But first: Let's see what the bordering farmers community of Three Waters thinks?


"We don't give a sh*t!"

Aah, such a friendly part of Tremorton valley.

--> Back on track:

Although the solution is actually a problem.

Economical crisis!

(And if you want to hurt people really good you should mess with their wallet!)

Several measures to fight the crisis were presented.  One of them was building a connection between Ranton and New Ranton. At first the mayors looked at eachother and had a good laugh. Yet a few months later nobody was laughing anymore. The crisis had hit hard in both towns more than the other towns in Tremorton Valley. The meat from the Ranton Livestock Auction was deemed to expensive and the New Ranton Flowers transportation coasts were too high too be profitable. So at last the proposal to rebuild the San Pablo Bridge was accepted.


The results: Local building companies had a new (big) project, the Ranton town ordered flowers from new ranton to decorate the town, taxes were lowered, flowers could be transported more coast effeciently via the Ranton railstation , the livestock was fed with second choice flowers and so slowly but surely  Ranton and New Ranton climbed out of the gutter.


Welcome to Emeryville!

Emeryville Location 

Welcome to Emeryville!  This small, quiet town on the banks of the Mirage River hasn't changes since it was founded, sure it grew, people came and went, but it still hasn't lost that comfortable atmosphere. 

Emeryville Towncenter

The pride and joy of Emeryville is the local St.-Lucas school in the towncenter near the church and cityhall. It was built with the money of  Mr. Parr who grew up in Emeryville and moved to Metroville to try and make his fortune. He succeeded but never forgot his hometown.  So he paid for the replacement of the local school and built a new villa next to the school where he spent his retirement untill he passed away. Now it's an agricultural museum.

Emeryville Park

Off course this wasn't the only thing he funded. He invested his money in a lot of local projects like the local Municiberg Park. Originaly this forest was to cut down to make way for new housing.

Emeryville State Fair

South of the Municiberg Park there is the Emeryville State Fair.  Every year the Emeryville Festival is organised and the main attraction is the Fair. Tourists from all over Tremorton Valley come to this event. 

Local Industries

These local industries process agricultural products.  The fertile fields on the banks off the Mirage River provide the food for the cities Metroville downriver and Municiberg upriver.

Local Township

And with the picture of this lovely township in the middle of the fields we end this CJ entry. See you next time for a visit to the rival twin cities Ranton And New Ranton.



Welcome To Tremorton Valley: Natural Growth CJ.

Change will come to Tremorton Valley , since the new ambitious mayor was elected in Emeryville. His decisions will shape the future of the entire region for many years to come!

This CJ's goal is to evolve Tremorton Valley from a agricultural region with a few little towns to a large metropolitan area in a realistic way. Obviously I was heavily inspired by CSGDesigns excellent NATURAL GROWTH CJ. 

Region View:

Year One

Tremorton Valley - Year One - Satelite ViewTremorton Valley - Year One - Traffic Map


Expect another update soon!

Sorry for my spelling mistakes... I'm from Belgium

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