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  1. Need help getting BAT for Mac

    There's no patch that enables nightlights to show up on custom BATs for the Mac port of this game. Sorry, I know it sucks but Aspyr clearly does not seem to care enough to actually patch their version of this game. If not having nightlights is something that really bothers you, you should consider running the Windows version of SC4 on your Mac by using a Parallels, Wine, or dual-booting to Windows with Boot Camp. You probably should take a look at the threads at the SC4 Mac Users section of this forum for more info on how to do this. Urg, that seems like a lot of work, I checked out the wine thing when you first mention it but it seems to be too confusing to download it, I didn't understand. : ( I don't use my mac for gaming usually, I only thought it would be nice to have Simcity on my Macbook because I take it everywhere. It plays well but I just wish these little things like building lighting would work properly. Thanks for your patience in helping me, lol, this forum seems kind of dead. : (
  2. Need help getting BAT for Mac

    I'm trying to download BAT so I can have my night versions of the buildings on download on STEX but I can't because it gives me an exe. file of BAT that I cannot extract. Can somebody help me?
  3. Get your Maxis files here!

    It's not letting me install BAT for my Macbook, its in an exe file and it won't let me extract it.
  4. Your paris buildings are AMAZING! I hope you plan on making more. : )

  5. Need help with downloading region

    When I put the grayscale and the config into the new folder I created under regions all that shows up is the config for the region, everything is flat. Is there something I'm doing wrong?
  6. Need help extracting buildings on macbook

    urg, now I'm trying to extract this file and its an exe and it's not working
  7. Need help extracting buildings on macbook

    It worked!!! Thank you so much! LOL what a stupid mistake!
  8. Hi, I was trying to get the eiffel tower in my game and when I try to extract it using the unarchiver it says that it was unable to do so. Can somebody help me?