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  1. Massively Gigantic Japanese BAT Gallery

    http://kamurai.itspy.com/bbs/data/simedit/old/log2/1068238602608127/ThemaParkAll.jpg align=baseline> where can i dowload this one...the link in the page 30 it's not ok
  2. Massively Gigantic Japanese BAT Gallery

    http://kamurai.itspy.com/bbs/data/simedit/1102667953921491/Tower%20of%20the%20Sky.jpg align=baseline> Where can i download this one? the ftp link posted before seems not to be working
  3. Massively Gigantic Japanese BAT Gallery

    This page is not working http://www.geocities.jp/ad19040527/hokanko2.html where may i dowload the BAT's and Lots from this dude?
  4. Official Mapping Community Requests

    Hi, Could someone help me with the mapping of my hometown? Here are some maps http://www.camuniaviajes.com/italian/mapas/buenosairescity.gif align=baseline>http://www.webnosaires.com.ar/img/mapa.jpg align=baseline> If you need more detailed one I could get if for you. Anyway how do i work with proportions and scale, cause i dont know how big could be this city within the region. thanks