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  1. I said exactly this in another thread (didn't get nearly the praise you did ). Agree 100%. Some people are so clueless/ignorant as to how game development happens. Seeing more than a handful of games go on a downward spiral even before release, I'm fairly certain any customer feedback will be minimally considered. We can argue all we want, we can provide better solutions. Point is, this game is getting made in its current state. At this moment I've lost 99.9% attention for this game. I'm more excited for Watch Dogs or indie games like Gunpoint.
  2. Limited Single Player

    This. And this alone. Period. End of story. Sadly, it's just the trend of gaming nowadays. I'd be fine if it was truly a multiplayer game. Seems to me they decided to make everything cloud-based to control the software, then decided "hey, let's make this multiplayer". I know not a whole lot has been released yet, but it just seems like an afterthought. Just like how CXL multiplayer was.
  3. Simcity Reboot doomed by the fans?

    Reboot, sequel, prequel, whatever.... It's the next game to be released. Why shouldn't we have high expectations? This is 2012, they have had plenty of time to pool ideas and craft a game that will blow us all away. From what I've seen so far, it hasn't. That's a bit unfair. I should be able to change my opinion whenever I please based on new information. And you are pretty loose with the term "whining" (which, by the way, you are whining a awful lot about people whining). Some people are, but the vast majority of what I've seen on these forums has simply been criticism. Is criticism not an effective feedback tool?
  4. The press releases are out there. Yea, it's a little slim at the moment, but some MAJOR aspects of the game are known. It's these major aspects that are a big turnoff to many people, myself included. Sorry, it's just been my experience that games don't change all that much from initial views. We can only base our opinions off of what's been released and confirmed, not what we hope to be released and confirmed (remember, a lot of the development cycle is simply beta testing, bug fixing, and polishing...not shoehorning in major aspects of a game). I've been disappointed far too many times and it'd be naive to think they'll do a complete 180 and give us what we want. As I keep saying though, I hope I'm proven wrong. Sure, people are being critical, as they should after so many years...that doesn't mean they're being "uncivil". If anybody is saying that it's because EA has disappointed people time after time after time. Whether or not Maxis will is up for debate, but EA's track record doesn't sit well with many people.
  5. There's been numerous press releases and details about how the core game will function, if you bothered to read them. We aren't basing opinions strictly on screenshots (which, I'll add, I've seen relatively few of). There's not too much to misinterpret. It's replay value, for me, ended long ago. With the move to 3d, true transit networks, nonlinear zoning and roads, bridges, etc that CXL delivered (however halfassedly), the bar was set way too high for me to go back to SC4. It's just a shame they couldn't fix the memory leak and/or perfect the game. Games can be great and still be way outdated. Don't get me wrong, it's great that there's still interest and mod development for SC4. But the core game doesn't change. It's still box zoning, straight roads (no matter how you zigzag to create the appearance of curves), absurd bus routing, etc.
  6. Sim City: Wishlists

    I disagree; I don't think it's that simple. I agree that SimCity should be open and nonrestrictive, allowing the player to creat their city, how they want it, but I don't think the game should be a sandbox. Look at all the previous games; they had restrictions, mainly the budget. Other restrictions such as the ones seen in SC4 should be included as well. I think many people want a challenge, as there are challenges and restrictions in real-life urban design and civil engineering. For such a high-profile game, I doubt they can release it as a pure sandbox. There has to be a point. An objective. Money/budget I guess can be one of them, but don't make it something dumb like region restrictions, transportation, etc. Looking back at simcity games, budget was really the only restriction (besides software/programming limitations). Have scenarios, have objectives, have Steam-esque unlocks for doing certain things, but don't restrict it arbitrarily because that's the way they decided to take the game. It will fail, I guarantee it.
  7. It doesn't have to satisfy everyone (that's impossible anyways), it just has to be a step FORWARD in gaming. Judging by all the news, it's at best 1 step forward and 2 steps back. As far as giving them time?...well, they've had nearly a decade since SC4, coupled with the failure of SCS, to figure out how to make a better game. There are a lot of dealbreakers in the game already for so many people. And I don't mean outlandish dealbreakers that can never happen. I mean simple, logical dealbreakers that SHOULD be in the game (large city tiles, offline play, etc). Do you honestly think in the 8 months they roll this out and some of the glaring problems (dealbreakers) with the game now will be fixed? lol. Maybe I'm cynical, or I've been around the block too many times, but I seriously doubt these major issues will be resolved. Sure, they'll polish it up a bit, throw in some stuff we never asked for. At the end of the day though, this game will not be what people asked for. I really hope I'm proven wrong.
  8. Lack of Highways

    We are being patient. It's just that from what we've seen NOW, it's hard to be optimistic. I'd be fine with them taking another 2 years to get this game out, IF (and that's a BIG if) it was made properly.
  9. I pre-ordered, albeit not with my own money . I'm still having regret. The more I read, the more it seems this is the same old song and dance these days with terrible development. At this stage, I expect a full letdown.
  10. Sim City: Wishlists

    For me, it's quite simple: Open Sandbox. Do what you want, how you want, when you want. Any restrictions would simply be absurd in this day and age, there's literally no reason for it. If Minecraft has better ability to allow the player to do what he wants, this game will fail miserably. It's that simple.
  11. Seriously! What in hell is wrong with developers these days? Have they completely forgotten what makes a good game? I feel like the games I've played over the last 3 or 4 years have just been cobbled together with absurd compromises. This is 2012, games should be getting better, not worse! Pretty graphics should not be crutch. No offense, but SC4 is hella old. Even with all the mods it's such a dated game. I mean, great for everybody here who still plays and enjoys it...but jesus, it's almost 10 years old! (which is an eternity in the gaming world)
  12. 2 new pictures

    I feel like there is still too much dead space. Cool update though, love the trams
  13. Re invent the wheel?...

    Exactly. It failed because it was a subscription service. Who the heck is going to pay a monthy fee for such a new feature? Nobody even knew how multiplayer would work. I think multiplayer absolutely can work if implemented well. It's [almost] always more fun playing with others...just look at all the SC4 "guilds" or whatever that tried hard to create regions as a group.
  14. I hear that so often from fans of games, but I'd say 99% of them sooner or later break down and get it. But whatever, I'd say they aren't concerned a few hardcore fans here and there won't buy it.
  15. What does the future hold for CXL?

    Cities XL was representative of what could be for a city simulation game. For that it should be respected. Curved Roads. Road/bridge heights. Much more controls with parks and plazas. Transit routes. 3D map. Etc... However, it's bugs and lack of modding (until recently) pretty much stunted it's growth in the hard core city sim fanbase. I myself feel the game has/had more potential than SC4 simply because of it's non linear design. A vanilla Cities XL map could potentially blow away SC4 + mods map simply because it's not gridded. (There's a lot of effort to hide the fact that SC4 is a grid-based game, but it's fairly obvious. But I digress.). The memory leak bug pretty much killed Cities XL before it could even become something. But the ideas where there, and it showed what could be possible. It's like the Duke Nukem of city sims. All the right ideas, but really just didn't catch wind; whereas games like Quake and Half Life really take those ideas and run with them.