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  1. No Job Zot

    Thanks, that actually helped a lot. The population is back at a steady rise!
  2. No Job Zot

    Yes I do! Its in the New York region and it is all filled with cities ranging from 20,000 to 80,000 people. But the immediate cities surrounding the one Im having issues with aren't bedroom communities. The 40,000 Sims mentioned come from other cities
  3. No Job Zot

    So I've created a city of around 190,000 sims,and it grew at a pretty fast pace, around 25,000 sims a year. When I expanded into the last unused area of my city I noticed the lots developed much slower than previous areas. Fast forward to today and I have the same neighborhood getting those no jobs zots. I've rebuilt the neighborhood several times, added a variety of jobs and public space, and a variety of transportation options that would take my sims to the CBD. I have around 270,000 commercial jobs, 15,000 Industrial Jobs, and only 190,000 Sims and for some reason this neighborhood cannot find a job. I did some research and found that only around 40,000 sims commute into the city for work, so that still leaves over 40,000 jobs available. I've even bulldozed other neighborhoods and built them back up with no unemployment issues. I honestly do not know what is causing this problem . - I use BATs and LOTs and the only MODs i use are NAM 31.1 and an ordinance that increases job demand. - Also, the abundance of commercial jobs was "natural", i didn't use the ordinance mentioned above in this particular city. -TB
  4. Yes that was the problem thanks for your help! and im sorry this isnt in the correct category. i dont use the website often.
  5. HI so i just recently downloaded the newest NAM, which i think is 31.3. Anyways when i turned the game on I noticed all of my parking lots were missing... anything from residential driveways to industrial parking lots. Everything else looks fine, except the parking lots have disappeared. The cars are still there it just looks like its parked on grass, or cement. Anyway help and tips are greatly appreciated! OH AND ITS SIM CITY 4