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  1. I created a tourist city yesterday. First I laid out my tourism/gambling stuff, then created my R/C. Problem is, once u have tourists coming in then every darn commercial zone turns into a hotel! I literally had 95% of my commercial turning into hotels yesterday. I really hope they give us some control over hotels in a patch. All my residents are complaining that they have no where to shop. I plopped a bunch of parks and libraries, but it's still not subduing the problem. Grrrrr
  2. PC upgrade for SC5?

    I just got a Geforce 650 graphics card and 650W psu and the game runs flawlessly now. I was having the same exact troubles u are before I upgraded last week. Cost about $180.
  3. 2.0 - Initial Observations

    So I built an electronics city in a brand new region after the patch. Only city in the region thus far. Things have seemed fine to me. I've had some abandonment of buildings, usually about 2-4 buildings at a time. Other than that things have been good. Around 60k pop my approval rating was 94, now I have 95k pop with approval dipping to 87. I think mainly bc of some traffic causing people to miss work and thus abandoning houses. I do have homeless sims though. Working on fixing that. It fluctuated between 10-70. That's what I'm gonna tackle tonight. I have two fire stations (one truck each), one police station (6 cars), a hospital and a clinic (could close the clinic but I have $40 million so no need), a grade school and a university. School attendance is about 2900 out of 3000 (4.5-5 hats). I had some buildings within a block of the grade school that had kids who weren't getting educated, no idea how, so I bulldozed them and they started to go to school. I already built the space station and plan to build a tourist city next. No pollution issues, despite having two smelting plants, an ore mine, coal mine, processor plant, and two computer plants. I had sims starting to leave my city to go on vacation saying they were real happy, caused some congestion at the highway connection. So I upped their damn taxes to fix that issue. Lol. I should also add that I had no real garbage issues. 4-6 trucks were able to pick up approximately 4000 garbage cans a day when my pop was around 70k. The garbage screen says I'm currently collecting about 4300 out of 5000 cans at 95k pop, but when I open the data map I don't see any remaining garbage around the city, so I think the numbers being reported are bugged.
  4. $510 PC BUILD

    I just got that graphics card and a 650W psu. Game runs great now.
  5. Stuck on cheetah speed

    Yup, having the same problem lately. Ugh
  6. Same thing here. Very.frustrating.
  7. Audio troubles

    So I just bought a new graphics card and power supply unit and they're both working well. Simcity plays extremely smooth now. I had been playing on my stock graphics card and boy that was rough. Now, the problem I have, and had even before getting the new gc and psu, is that the audio gets wonky after 20-30 min of playing. it gradually decreases. Like when u click on a building it plays a sound. and when ur just moving around ur city u hear the sounds of everything going on. But after about a half hr those sounds are non-existent unless I zoom in close to ground level. Idk why. Any ideas?
  8. Unfilled jobs vs unsold goods

    Yeah, I'm aware parks and libraries satisfy commercial needs, I just can't imagine how many id need to satisfy 5500 sims lol.
  9. So I'm debating between whether or not to include low wealth sims in my city. Im planning this out ahead of time using the spreadsheet someone provided on another forum. The problem is there will be roughly 5500 low wealth jobs total, and obviously there are no unsold goods bc there's no low wealth commercial. Now if I add 14 high density low wealth buildings, I can cover those 5500 unfilled low wealth jobs, BUT this creates 2800 low wealth shoppers. So then if I add 8 low wealth high density commercial buildings to cover their needs, it creates 3200 more low wealth jobs which will be unfilled. And the loop will continue like that. So my question is, is it better to have a bunch of low wealth unfilled jobs or better to provide low wealth buildings to cover the unfilled jobs and just not build commercial for them? Which is the lesser of two evils?
  10. Trade Port Shipping Issues

    I've had the exact same problem recently! Don't know how to fix it.
  11. No region students in university

    Read the new patch notes people.
  12. Gifting to yourself...any success?

    This is almost exactly how I do it. I have one added step. When I go to the receiving city, I flip into region mode and go to the gift tab. In about 1-2 minutes the little gift truck will show up on the region map and then start driving toward my new city. +1 this as well. That's exactly what I do.
  13. Tech level and electronics

    ^^^welcome to SC2013. Lmao. If they are off the road they won't replenish, if they are beside the road they will replenish, as long as the university is replenishing it. I tested and found that you really don't need many people going to your university to replenish a factory even on the other side of the map. I tentatively second this statement. I haven't watched it close enough yet, but from what I remember my one computer plant that is surrounded by streets on three sides seems to stay producing at max capacity, while the other two plants have one or two assembly lines away from a road and those don't seem to stay at max capacity.
  14. Gifting to yourself...any success?

    Gift the money, stay in the city you gifted it FROM for a little while, then switch to the city RECEIVING the gift, stay in that city a little while and the gift should arrive. I've done it the last two days in my region gifting $10 million numerous times.