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  1. I believe I can help you get the old data files if you write me a PM.
  2. Hello guys. I know there's been trouble (for the first time in the history of my tool a real compatability break). Except for the first update (which worked in rare cases) I've done proper testing with the help of several Origin users and friends who owns the game. Now it's FIXED And I hope to hear many success stories from you guys ! I'm not gonna add additional features as planned in the first place - the only thing I discovered that you can replace is the "Welcome to SimCity" in the launcher, the news, the billboards (ads for expansions etc.) - but not anything in-game like "Challenges", "Region chat", and what else is missing. The reason for this is indeed Maxis/EA's own WebKit implementation and a self-signed certificate that I haven't even attempted to crack. For the time being, as long as the tool works for 99% of the game and with any version, I will let it stay this way. What I probably WILL add in the future however is an option to "Restore to original locale" in the case my tool corrupts any of your locale files (Don't worry, you can get them back by running my tool and choosing your locale, then the file will be placed in the same folder to be replaced in SimCityData/Locale/[lang]/Data.package (overwrite). But I will really appreciate any feedback if you have errors or just ideas/feedback, or general questions. The source will be shared on request, but only for people who are interested in improving the tool and can proove themselves as someone who is actually "capable" of Reverse-Engineering, ASM, and Network Sniffing.