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  1. hey added u on origin game invite pplease ? What europe server u playing on ?
  2. Anyone up to play tonight

    So whats the NA server you want to play ? Tell me in on NA east 4
  3. Anyone up to play tonight

    Your not online ? Shall we play in europe ? Tell me which server ?
  4. Looking to join a Region

    Do you want to play ? or are u playing right now ? I'm on europe east 3. I'm gonna create a game. Will u join ?
  5. Looking for a Region!

    Come add me and play. Sri lanka is the region name
  6. Looking for a Region!

    Do you want to play on europe east 3 i ll create a game ?
  7. Europe East 3 - new region

    ill join.. ill add u
  8. Can i join too ? I sent u a friend request. Please invite me ? Are there slots ?