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  1. you won't see specialization profit in your hourly report for things that get exported. My tv and computer factories make me 4 million a day but I lose 20k an hour. It is something I can live with lol. That is odd, why would they not show that? I thought the same thing, so I posted it in another discussion thread.
  2. ...wait, do we have to buy the oil from ourselves? I know there is the cost to produce the oil (capital costs of the drill rigs and drilling operations) but I'm pretty sure, without doing any calcs that it is less than importing the same quantity of oil. If the cost they same, then I'd agree with you and take advantage of the time-value of money. Assuming that producing oil is less than importing, you could continue to exporting your surplus and make your cash early. Or if you were satisfied with the current rate of income, I would stop all exporting and turn every ounce that you drill into a higher profit product (plastic, fuel) and let that run for a longer duration.
  3. I agree with Alex that you have to prepare yourself for the eventual drying up of your wells, at which time will be required to start importing. But until then you might as well use your own crude for refining and plastics. Why import when you can have it for free. I think zpike's suggestion was pretty wise, to keep both actions going. It all depends if you want to make a killing upfront, or keep juicing that well at higher profit margins for a longer time. The later having more longevity. My town also started to decline, but not due to export/import woes, but traffic started choking my city. With so much land devoted to drilling/refining/trade, my RCI was not setup correctly to maintain profit. I'm borrowing money now to fix the layout.
  4. I did the same. It provides better control.
  5. Assuming cubercaleb turned off the import global market switch, because he mentions that he set oil imports to "local use only". It does sound buggy. I have similar city, where my wells started to dry up so I shut down exports to reserve them for my own fuel and plastic production. Of course, my profits decreased because, I now had a surplus of crude, that could have been sold on the global market.
  6. Specializations & RCI

    That's actually partly true. The industrial demand exists if there's an unemployment in your city. So plopping the factories, which create jobs, reduces the unemployment, and results in the lower in industrial demand. But I guess I just have to reiterate the basic here: satisfying the RCI demand (or not doing so) does not affect the happiness of your sims in anyway. The demand just means that if you zone it, it will grow. For example, R demand comes from available jobs. However, not zoning R while there's a demand won't reduce R's happiness, but only probably I's happiness (because it wants workers). Yeah, I was wondering about how demand impacts happiness. In my new city, I want to keep the pop low, or more so to maintain control as I manage the increasing traffic. So, the RCI bars are glowing all the time, and I need to fight of the feelings to expand/zone more just to satisfy the glowing RCI bars. I guess the point of my questions, was in regard to traffic. I'm trying to design a better city/road layout and want to know if there will be a large load of commuters traveling from the residential zones to the CIty Specialization buildings.
  7. Didn't know the processor plants decrease production like that. Maybe its to mirror what happens for other city specializations, such as mining and drilling, where wells and mines eventually dry up.
  8. Plastic and Alloy

    I don't think you can direct your trucks to other cities. BUT, i do think you can gift a resource between cities within a region.
  9. Couple things I've been pondering - - Are city specializations totally independant of RCI? For example, does building a processor plant satisfy an industrial zoning demand? - Do city specialization structures impact traffic?
  10. Germs

    forgive me, where is the 'place trees' tool? would have thought it would be on the parks toolbar.
  11. Nice tip Todd. Can you still make $$ importing your raw materials?
  12. Thanks guys. Good feedback. Knowing that export income is per transaction and a different financial stream than the operating budget clarifies a lot. I'll have to accept the fact that if I want more detailed info, I'll have to do additional calculations. A little off-topic questions - I'm refining my crude to petroleum and plastic. My crude under my city is starting to dry up. Petroleum/plastic has a way bigger profit margin than crude. Would it be wise to stop exporting crude and (at the Trade Depot) and keep the crude locally to supply my petroleum/plastic export instead? I think that might be slower but ensure more total income.
  13. Thanks Ship. Yeah, that makes sense. When does the income from import/export register? Daily or per transaction?
  14. I've got a little mining/drilling city up and running (including trade depots, refinery, petroleum hq, etc). Of course due to the area needed for the drilling/mining my RCI is always in demand. My daily budget has dwindled into the red, -$2k - 4k. However, the drilling/mining/trade operation (+$200k/month) is going well and overall I'm getting a positive income stream. Not sure how the time frame plays a part in that as well. It looks like the income from city specializations are separate from the operational budget of the city? Can anybody confirm that? I wish they would include it together, so you could really see everything balance.