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  1. 11 responses and no one realizes this is a joke? Or are all the people that realize trying not to ruin it like I'm doing?
  2. Show me the money! 1M+

    This may interest you, though it's a bit overkill:
  3. Cheetah is re-enabled on some servers

    Update: Cheetah is back on Antarctica.
  4. Cheetah is re-enabled on some servers

    Is it only 2? I checked my timing on EU East 1, and both llama and cheetah gave me 18 in game mins passed in 10 secs. That's llama speed. The time ticks up by 1 every half second, so 20 in game minutes to 10 seconds. Cheetah should be 4 in game minutes per second.
  5. Cheetah is re-enabled on some servers

    If cheetah is enabled you'll see the time count by 2 each tick.
  6. Cheetah is re-enabled on some servers

    I believe you are mistaken. They enabled it on the test server just under a week ago, and on a few other servers in the last couple days. You can still go to >>> speed, it just isn't any faster than >> speed.
  7. SOLVED: I ended up deleting that bay of police cars and when I replaced it there were 6 cars. The one car still went to the region and got stuck, but he would patrol when the precinct was on. So I turned it on, disconnected from the main highway, got him onto a road far from the connection and bulldozed it to get rid of the car. Haven't had a problem since. In one of my cities I have a cop car stuck on the highway outside the city bounds. It's vibrating, it looks like it's swapping between lanes about 5 times a second. I've left it for a while in game, logged out for hours, it's still there. I haven't deleted the precinct it came from in case that made it permanent or something, but I have turned the cop car bay off. I don't mind losing 1 cop car out of 28 if that'll fix it, but just don't want to make it worse. I also can't see the cop car from a neighbouring city. Has anybody experienced this/know how to fix it? Edit: OK it just got weirder. 1. Turning the precinct back on fixes it, it starts driving again. Though the cars seem to patrol the region a lot. 2. If I trap them all in the city and turn the station off, the one patrol car will never park, it will just constantly be on patrol. 3. If I don't trap them all in the city and turn the station off, the one patrol car will travel somewhere on the region highway and start vibrating. The status will flip between "Leaving the city." and "Patrol finished, returning." and it will say "Came from the region." So... WTF?
  8. Honestly, this is probably the better advice. My city is currently set up to import the basics and make everything, but that's only cause it already has lots of money raised through pure computers.
  9. Brainstorm: City Ideas

    Utilities city complete. Screenshot from region view since I'll never be loading the city again (don't want the garbage dumps to fill up): Down by the bay is a population of 50k workers. Safety services to the left of the bay, other services and city hall to the right. Top of the map is all the services to supply to other cities, from left to right: 3 columns of solar plants 1 column of garbage dumps 2 columns of water/sewage 1 column of garbage dumps 1 column of solar panels, not as clean because of the incline on the right but just to fill in the rest of the space In the end it can supply each of the 6 other cities with 40 garbage trucks and around 1k of everything else. Should be enough.
  10. Brainstorm: City Ideas

    Great idea. I'm now in the process of turning cinder into a service city. How is the garbage collection working out for you? Like what's your biggest city and how many trucks do you send to it? I tried sharing garbage services once but it just seemed worse than doing it locally. I feel like it could be terrible with cities all the way across the map. It would be great to centralize though, because then you could eliminate the need for incinerators. Ya, grand haven is a circular plot surrounded by water so that city will be circular. Tried doing it with one long road but that's not working out at all, so I'll try it more like your first screenshot.
  11. I really hope it was due to other factors. I like the idea of more choice and more realism through real companies, that's fine and I encourage it. But they have to keep it balanced. If they make the new additions overpowered to push you into using them, I have a problem with that.
  12. You may want to keep that city around. Once the global market is enabled, that may be the best way to make money consistently.
  13. Since prices are currently fixed and you get the same price for buying and selling, the best strategy is to only manufacture one thing in your city. The best money currently is computers.
  14. Will the lizard attack?

    I think I asked the same thing before in a twitch livestream and someone said they do.
  15. Radiation.. Can i get rid of it..

    Cheer up, cheetah speed is back, so it's only 5 days of real time! Seriously though, that areas done for. I'm not playing my favorite city for this reason right now, it's got one small radiation patch and I don't want more. Not playing it until they allow you to disable disasters.