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  1. L1 Neighbor Connection

    Hi everyone I've just start trying out Nam and am currently trying to build a L1 (7.5m) highway. What I'm actually having trouble with at the moment is trying to connect the high way to the region as I can't figure out how to use the NCs for an L1 highway. Is there a way to do it or am I going to have to transition it to with L0 or L2 first? Thanks
  2. L1 Neighbor Connection

    I suspected as much but I just wanted to check in case I was doing something wrong. Thanks for the help
  3. Hey I know this thread hasn't been used for a while but I wanted to confirm something. I currently am making a level 1 highway and there don't appear to be any neighbor connector pieces for this level and trying to use the ground one just wipes the L1 tile and replaces it with an L0 one. Is what I want to do actually possible or will I have to transition the highway to L0 or 2 to make a working network connection?