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  1. easy way to save?

    yep, biggest problem for me. Honestly I almost stop playing the game because of that. Too many rollback during a session and too many times I have quit the game one day and started the next one with my city in a previous state. It's just too frustrating, and I don't even see the point in launching the game now... yeah, this "MMO thing" was a great idea.
  2. 102 years putting trees on the radiation zone? of how much of real time are we talking here? So with a nuclear meltdown causing a waste land the size of a quarter of the map in the best case, you're basically screwed. I've better things to do than clicking like a bot on my screen for dozens of hours...
  3. Hi guys, Quick question before doing something stupid: if I buldoze the university (or more precisly a part of it) will I loose the research I've done there and will their benefit vanish for others city? Thanks for your help !
  4. Hi guys, I have a weird problem here, I started a new region and after a few hours I've put a train station but... there is no train at all. So I checked the region, the rails are coming from ouf of the region and they just stop in the area of my city. There is no connection with other city, and no trains are coming from out of the region. Is there a solution here or is that another sort of harsh cut off in the gameplay that will be happily completed for 19.99$ in a future DLC/expansion pack?
  5. well problem is, with all the the news we have this days about pathfinding and how an agent only go to the nearer job each morning, I'm afraid that obtain such fine set of group workers at the reactor each day would be a real bet... a nuclear bet, with permanent waste land as penalty... I'm all about green energy now, wind or sun depend of the map, but no more nuclear. PS: I tried the trees, they die in a matter of days, and no effect on radiations.
  6. yep, same problem here... and I think for me it was effectively a water issue. But I had no warning at all, except at the last minute when it was too late, and I may have missed something but if a proper explanation about max water level and nuclear explosion is somewhere in the game, I don't know where. With the radiations level which don't seems to change ever after the meltdown and my city who is now condemned to be definitly limited in his development since a quarter of the map is a nuclear wasteland, I think there is a severe lack of gameplay informations here. I have luck in this, the city is still operationnal and the university continue to develope new technologies, so it still serve the original purpose for the region... but my city had great plans for the future, and this future is no more
  7. Nuclear Meltdown

    yup, after my second nuclear explosion (...) I've bulldozed it to the ground and replaced it by a nice field of wind power right in the core zone of radiations, since upgraded with the university. The power supply is great, but the radiations rate seems to be exactly the same as day one. Are nuclear meltdown condamning a city forever? or for centuries, wich in my case would be just the same... I don't think I will play a city this long, especially half of a city... this may be realistic, but it's just a game and in my case I think I've done things by the book, or at the very least with the few explanations the game gave me... ok for random desasters or "gameplay sanctions", but this... it's a little too much in my opinion
  8. Nuclear Meltdown

    hi everyone, same problem here I have a "scholar city", schools, high school and university, so I was thinking one little nuclear reactor would be just fine... but no, nuclear meltdown in my face. At the time I was still thinking it was just bad luck, no warning before the explosion, no "unsafe" status or whatever and a lot of other random desasters before that (meteor, gozilla...) so... yeah, I just replaced the reactor... and obviously, it was not bad luck... second nuclear desaster for my poor sims. So, now I have a big nuclear waste land in the corner of my map, and if all the rest of the city goes very well, I'm really in lack of space now. It was 3 days ago, since I've played the city a lot, at least 10 hours mostly at max speed, and the radiations are still exactly the same. Is there really no chance my city will one day be ok? They have full green energy now, with nice developments from the university, but the scars from the past don't seems to fade away