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  1. I've been experimenting, successfully so far, with the solution posted here: I think the other city bit might possibly be because when you introduce recycling to a large neighbor city, they very quickly generate a massive pile of materials for you. This quickly maxes out the 20 ton storage buffer in your Recycling Center, and that's what causes it to glitch. Or so I think. Just don't let it max out, and it should keep working.
  2. I had the same bug. I think I found a cheaper way to mitigate it:
  3. They are definitely buggy, but only under certain conditions. Full explanation:
  4. As has been repeatedly noted in other posts, Recycling Centers can stop working, and once they do, they never start processing incoming materials again, and the collection trucks stop running. The anecdotal solution is to demolish them and rebuild. If you have multiple centers, they will all stop at once, and you only need to demolish and rebuild one center to get them all working again. This works, but as some folks have noted, this can sometimes only work for a period of time before they stop functioning again. It also costs a fortune. I think I've found a better way: After a bit of messing around, I think the issue is that once all your recycling centers max out on recyclable materials, a bug in the game makes them stop processing any of it. So they stay locked in that state, and the trucks don't run because they'd have nowhere to put any more collected materials. But if you build another center (you don't need to demolish an existing one unless you need the space), they'll start working again. BUT, if your city, like mine, has mile high piles of recyclables everywhere, and each truck collects 3 tons per outing, it might not take long to fill up the new center's 20 ton storage capacity. If you introduce recycling to a city with around 200 K population (perhaps especially if the garbage was already piling up there) they will create massive amounts of recycling materials very quickly. The crux of the problem is that the inflow of new materials is greater than the processing capacity of the center to convert it to output goods like plastic. Knowing all this, you can manage the situation and avoid the bug in the first place. Resist the urge to start a massive collection effort in your city. Have 3 or 4 reclamation lines in your recycling center, but only 1-3 collection trucks. Most importantly keep an eye on your materials storage and when it gets in the orange zone, just stop collecting (turn the truck modules off individually). If you need to handle your city's build up quicker, build a second center right off the bat, and do the same thing there. Just be aware that trucks aren't partial to which center they drop off at, so all your trucks might end up filling up one center's material storage and not spread the load evenly. That's probably ok, but keep your eye on each center individually to avoid a sudden rush on your last remaining center. Best to build the centers in opposite ends of the city, and best to start recycling early in your city's life, so they can keep up with the growing amounts of recycling materials generated. Yeah the bug stinks, and hopefully it gets patched. Broken Recycling Centers can completely devastate a mature city, as recycling piles up, ground everywhere gets polluted, everybody gets sick, and death runs rampant. Building new centers repeatedly (especially if you demolish the old one) can bankrupt a city. Hopefully this workaround helps.
  5. I had this problem too. I was able to create a dirt road through them that forced their actual removal. Nothing else worked (including, I believe, higher grade roads).