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  1. More Photos in Sat View(So Far)

    Sat View of the Region
  2. Photos of the Region & City So far

    Some Photos So Far
  3. The Plan(In Proposal)

    Well I have a city blocked in 9 large city blocks so far, 4 are developed. Now I will be honest be upfront there I are a lot plops planned, NAM is installed, There are cheats in play(Howdryiam, Fightthepower, Garbage Mods) and its still in progress. So this isnt "organic" but its what I wanted. So here's the layout (Tentative Plan) ___City X___________|_______City Z__ ______|______ __Metro_City West___ |______Metro City______|______ ___City Y___________|____________________|______ The Goal is to have a regional population of 1-+2 Million people, Mass Transit Experiments to tried and used (Rail, Monorail, Airports, Subways, Ped Malls) +Metro City to have a population of 1 Million(not including jobs 250K-500K no industrial except for High Tech), Grand Avenues, Massive use of Mass transit +Metro City West (No Residential)(Industrial City only) Goals-100K-500K Jobs, Handle Garbage, Utility needs for Metro City +City X-Goals 250K-300K (Res), Low education (No colleges/City Colleges), Low income only +City Y-Goals 300K-X (Res), 50K-X (Commerical) (Functional Sububrian City) +City Z-Goals 250-X (Res), Mixed Growth (Res, Commerical, Industrial) My hope with all of this is to create a regional powerhouse city that I will show and chart its growth in a chronological journal that all will enjoy from start to finish of a rise of a several cities to a Metro area worthy of National distinction and a storyline that I want you all to be a part of or observe as much as you want. Wish me well and I'll keep you posted as we go on in the coming weeks
  4. The Annoucement

    Fixed Thank You
  5. The Annoucement

    So I have been wanting to post a city journal here for 5-6 years and I have the time and dedication to do it as of late. My issue is what do I want to publish so as I get my thoughts together and plans I will post what I have in the coming weeks and months on the city plans and directions. So please be patient on the progress and plans I have as its presently in progress. Thank you 7/30/2013
  6. NYBT JamesFarley Post Office

    I like it but I may have done something wrong I cant query it