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  1. Show Us Your Skylines

    I've been playing for the past day and fiddling with new cities. My latest one is my favorite though! It started off as a dirty mining town, and is slowly transforming into a commercial center of the region. Here's a day time overview. Here's a shot of the old industrial area of the city, where it all began. The ore mines are about to run out. The entire area is heavily polluted and will go to low and medium income housing when the time comes. Now for some night time pics! This was taken from the roof of a low income highrise across the river. That area is devoted to a mixture of oil drilling and utilities, with a few homes and businesses thrown in. Main street at night! Full moon is out. And finally, a skylin view of the downtown area. You can likely guess what that huge thing is in the background. Also first post! I am Ascriabin if you wanna join up with me someday.