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  1. I got the DD version of the game, but the only European buildings I've seen are the french police station and some tourist attractions
  2. I'm trying to gift money to a bankrupt city. I watch the little armored car leave the bankrupt city and go to the gifting city, and then make it's way back, but the money never shows up. It's taken out of the gifting city's coffers, but never shows up on the bankrupt city. Every building but city hall is off in the bankrupt city, and speed controls are disabled until I get some cash, so this city is stuck until I get money in it. Thoughts? Is it not working at all, or am I missing something vital.
  3. I have 3 active, booming cities, and don't want to abandon the whole region
  4. I'd like to know this as well. I have a small city that went in the wrong direction, and apparently gifting is not working. I'd like to delete it and start over.