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  1. Sim City: Wishlists

    Oil, Coal, and Gas - LNG export & import.
  2. Sim City: Wishlists

    1. Pedestrian Street. With pedestrian street, i can make one stop living area. This area including office, residence, park, and commercial (mall). 2. One stop living. There's residence and office above Mall. 3. Food resources such as corn, rice, soybean, palm oi, livestock (cow, chicken, pork, duck) 4. Green building. Such as roof garden on office, residence, and house. 5. Tourism. Such as hotel on the beach. 6. Financial Center. 7. Labor-intensive industries. 8. Forest Industry. Such as pulp paper, rubber. 9. Protected forest. For animal heaven. 10. Forest to the lungs of the city. Oxygen resources. 11. Unique Skyscraper. Such as on Emirates building. 12. Detail commodity business. Such as coal, oil, gold, tins, livestock, farm, ect.