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  1. 4.0 is here, play up everyone!

    For some reason, garbage trucks have now destroyed my city. They are travelling so slowly that my city has literally ground to a halt. Even on cheetah speed, they're taking 20 real world seconds per residence I work in software and I know how hard it is to capture everything but seriously ... have these guys ever actually run the game?
  2. ALWAYS losing progress

    Happened again today. Lost around 2 more hours of real-time play. My entire refining complex, my move to advanced utilities, about a quarter of the city in zoning, 1st upgrades to trading and oil HQs ... and millions in revenue. Very annoying
  3. Stuck on cheetah speed

    Yeah happened a number of times to me over the last couple of days. I've also had it stuck on slow speed although the three arrows for cheetah are showing. The animations are in real-time, the simulation is slow and the arrows show cheetah. Ossum.
  4. The High School

    Does it work?
  5. City progress lost

    Yeah happened loads recently. If it happens only on Cheetah speed then that's ridiculous. Who uses anything else? A couple of hours or real-time is a looooooot of building. Last night I got a city from scratch to manufacturing electronics and crashed back to the main menu. When I reloaded the city, it was virgin territory again. I rage-quit.
  6. ALWAYS losing progress

    Yup. Happens to me most games. Extremely annoying. I've had several games "crash" back to the main menu over the last few days and lost hours of progress.