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  1. New Screenshots

    I wish people would quote the twitter comment that goes with these shots. That is the Vibrant filter.
  2. New SimCity in game videos

    The silent vids are from Ocean, the game has a record video option built in. They will have sound, they're working on that right now.
  3. New Screenshots

    Bought, greenman gaming has a 25% off code to use, $45
  4. New Screenshots

    The SS is of low wealth high density buildings, it was a high populace city by one of the dev team, it's ~750,000 population.
  5. SimCity: Transit and Roading Networks

    That's interesting, it's not fun, nor a game.
  6. SimCity: Transit and Roading Networks

    Right, and specifically into actual simulation, nothing to do with a game, people go to work each day to study that.
  7. SimCity: Transit and Roading Networks

    Why would you leave the speed limits to the users? why would anyone not set them to the highest....
  8. New Screenshots

    Then your guestimate is clearly off, they're already known to be the same size as the medium cities. You don't travel on the roads between cities, why do you care if they haven't bulldozed a road between them?
  9. New Screenshots

    Guillame has said it has many modules and can get pretty large.
  10. SimCity: Transit and Roading Networks

    Gah. Name them, honestly, the infrastructure to have subways in cities is huge, it's not the norm. Look up 'normal' - seriously. I'm not defending the removal, but i do remember them being the end game and completely breaking the game mechanics in SC2k.
  11. SimCity: Transit and Roading Networks

    Putting something in a game that's a niche thing in real life, doesn't constitute a necessity everywhere. Some pioneering ideas in some parts of the world are great, but despite what everyone thinks is going on, there are still a crap load more citys without subways than those with. You can't argue that. Also, this is a game, i'd like to see subways if they didn't make it an end game/hack like SC2k.
  12. SimCity: Transit and Roading Networks

    I fear you're crossing terms and assuming for your own purposes here. I'm talking about actual citys. They do not normally have subways. Farms are not in citys, do you see where this is going?
  13. New Screenshots

    Hmm, nothing has been hinted at so far as the time frame, though i'd imagine fairly soon into the new year. They have said there will be another one, just not when.
  14. SimCity: Transit and Roading Networks

    Population is into the hundreds of thousands, depending on the density and RCI used. MOST citys don't have subways.