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  1. Sent you a friend request from NAW 3, the server I have been on lately. LMK if you prefer a different server I have been working on a city layout that could use some help from a city with a lot of mid to high wealth job seekers.
  2. Looking to join Region

    I'm on NAW 3 Server, send a friend request and I would love to play in the same reqion mtownshend1
  3. I start new region now. join

    I'd join, but I need to know the server your on so I can send a friend request, not sure if it works on any server once you are friends though.
  4. I guess the problem I am having adding all of you is that you are not on the same server. I guess they fixed the saved game across server, but have yet to address ANY of the actual online features that supposedly make this game require online all the time, lol. EA is a joke. I am fed up with their antics, with this mistake. One would think that this would be fixed (especially because this was the only excuse for online all the time requirement, other than the real reason, DRM and big brother). Great job EA, maybe you should stick to lower profile games, ones you can actually roll-out without having to mislead people into buying the game. It's 3/26/13 and yet we STILL have NOT online content to enjoy. What a shame. A shame on you EA. Sorry for the change in topic, folks, this is just so maddening. 200+ hours of play (all of which should have been OFFLINE) and not one online game in the hours spent looking for a free slot. What a joke.
  5. darn, 3/4th of the tags above don't show up when searching. I am looking for players who like to play cooperatively, not, from what I see, grab their own corner. I have over 200 hours play and have yet to join a game. It's just impossible it seems. Anyway, please add me if you like. mtownshend1 (that's a real tag, lol)
  6. Looking for friends!

    Sent requests. Also, looking dearly for nice players as well. Haven't been able to find one game in over 100 hours of play, I assume you need lots of friends, like facebook, egad... Really want to play multiplayer and see for myself after all this time trying, why this game was designed for online only play, lol. my tag is: mtownshend1