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  1. The Republic of Rauheim

    Looks cool so far, waiting for the first city pics
  2. Szabads

  3. :: Novaya Tulsk ::

    Wonderful cj you build, i like it a lot
  4. Laurie -Edelstein County-

    Wow, my friend, your pics are more than amazing. I'll definately follow your cj!
  5. Schulmania

    What an awesome cj you have here! I really like it!
  6. Szabads

    Hi bokrif! I was so excited about your cj (the reason is simple: i'm hungarian too), and at last it's here! I really like the names of the cities and villages (think they sound quite unique among the others ). The whole design of your cj is amazing also, just like your cities (I especially like Alsószekeres, with the new police station). In short, great work man ! Can't wait for the next update! malevlolka