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  1. SimCity Beta.

    Yes the beta started a few days ago with vip invitations for a small group of Players i hope they give other players a chance too (this info is from a good friend who is invited) and a link to twitter from other sources : https://mobile.twitter.com/simcity/status/288705544691277824?p=v
  2. Maxis live broadcast

    So now we know the Map size is not so small we think like in this Thread: Today we see in the Live Chat that the Train go through the Map this Map looks much bigger then from the first gameplay Video. So in the Thread i have linked is say only 14 buildings from the half of the one side to the Train but now we know the Trainline is not always the Boarder of the Map so we have 14 Houses for maybe 1/4 of the Map length.This means we can build approximately 56 Houses from one side to the other side of the Map this is also small but not extrem small i think. I like the idee that ther goes a ready Trainline througt the Map and we can just build a Station there. Link of the Video is following its not there now! Edit1: because some mistake
  3. SimCity: Transit and Roading Networks

    Can we set prices for the public transport so that the Town can earn money or we can influence the attractiveness for buses? or can we set some road charge like in sc4?