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  1. No traffic from industry?

    Are you the NAM mod.? Think you that the time taht the game use for find a pathfinder is very limited in the original game. The NAM and SPAM mods, modifie this and It's demostrate that the distance in wich travel the sims to work is increased. If you have the original game, it apply one very limited time, If do not find one solution in this time, no job is adjudicated. Therefore, installing MODS is an aventage. And the other and, if sims are accomodates and the city is an equilibrium, the paths are fixed and the sims will not change its cars by another mass traffic. One mean would be cut someone road or avenue and force to sims to find one other way to travel. But if the mass traffic that you draw is the unique one, increase residential zones y force sims travel far away and create new paths. The condition is not jobs available next home. I don't think that you have a bug in the game...
  2. A number of questions

    Well. Indeed someone said: “I lived in worse places…” First, if the airport is a neighbour connection and neighbour connections are important, it’s evident that airport is, some way, important… How much? That depends on the circumstances, but help. Now, if the other parameters they are not correct, perhaps be irrelevant. If a lot of connections they are established, it is possible that its influence be low. The industrial zones are very important at the beginning, but they occupy a lot of space and pollute a lot the air and the water. All this can be reduced when Hi-Tech industries appear, but the necessary services (fire stations, police, depuration stations, etc.) and your cost, and the cost of corrective measures, normally they do not compensate the incomes, but each which does what wants... and the industry certainly is a part of the game. The best way for one healthy city (for that is the Major) is eliminating the industry or, since to start, building it, far away, at neighbourhood. Establish there the services of power and water and to trade. If there are residents R-$, commercial zone low density resold the problem. I have given some counsel for the one that has problems, to which go him well, them does not need... Yes... unidirectional it's "one way"...
  3. A number of questions

    - Sure you that water pollution is zero, if necessary add depuration water. - Sure you de air pollution is drop. If necessary, dezone industrial I-D zone (or rises the taxes I-D to 12%). - The traffic is better if the roads are unidirectional and avenues are intercalates. - External connections and airport are essentials for health commerce. - All the services are fine; fire, water, power, health, education (college, private school, bibliotheca…). - Lower the taxes Cs- $$$, Co- $$ and Co-$$$ around 6.5%. - In ordinances, check the “Increase demand-Commercial Office”. - Perhaps help to check the “Act clear air… “ and others. Normally, the demand far above the residents should be increased. Me, with a city of 324,000 sims, I have to my disposition 435.000 jobs. The city is steady and there is founds around 8.000.000 simoleons. Of course that R-$$ and R- $$$ should be the adequate.
  4. A number of questions

    I have SimCity4 Deluxe with NAM. The education seem to have an behavior some different the other services. For example: I built a little town far away to the city, connected by means of rail. The rail station in the city it is near of the school… and the educational grade of the buildings of the town is high… nevertheless that are far away. May be compute more the access time that the distance or, may be, the funds and the correct capacity of the educational system it’ s the very important. For my, while the school (or the system) have capacity and funds, no problems… seem. Is someone have more information, tell it us.
  5. An conceptual and dramatic error

    Hello friends: Yes, I know that works as well, but the relationship between industry and local commerce is lost at moment what the edge is reached by the mass traffic. In fact, remove the industry does not have effects in the game when external connection exist, except taxes, but at this moment, the industrial taxes are few weight, at least at middle game. Would be interesting that the relationship between industry local and commerce remain in the game forcing Major deal with pollution and, by the pass, to attend it. At last, all remain restricted at relationship between residence and commerce. It is fine for somewhere aim the pristine cities, plenty of skyscrapers, gardens and cosmetics accessories. The money accumulate in the pockets of Major (City Halls, of course) and you end by buy all the bull that you can. The city is transformed at one affaire the taste, do not of government. With abundant funds, all ordinances are set in on (except industrial incentives, of course), and de Major rating is at most. The city remain steady and everyone is happy… and bored ... Suppose is the moment of start on other city… and so on. The city should “harden” in your grow, forcing at Major restrict traffic of the core the city, in an permanent battle for the light… introducing mass traffic and create pedestrian zones. I have one city 350.000 sims working fine, I have no more to multiply the schema for reach the goal 1.000.000 sims given the local nature of the game. If had more government buildings that should compulsorily to go the citizens, apart from work and the purchase (close to home), the question would be different. The traffic at core increases and measures would be taken. Well, the game is the game… Let us wait that the Sim5, apart 3D and others cosmetics features, in-depth knowledge of the essential aspects of the game, provide an challenge next to impossible. .. Major, is a task very hard in real life, if not, asked him, asked… Greetings.
  6. An conceptual and dramatic error

    Hello:Thank you for your contributions. I have the NAM and the SPAM installed, but I used its in a midle city already established (300,000 sims) and the results were not fine, especially in the agricultural theme. Now, I have started from zero and testing with a farming community and the truth is that it works very well. With a town of 1,200 sims and minimizing the costs in energy and water, i have managed to maintain the healthy accounts from the beginning, which was virtually impossible with the original game, and the farms are not lacking workers. As bureaucrat says, it is not fine to use the two traffic systems simultaneously.Now, I will try the more complex environment append clinic and some education. Will be see if Sims, with higher education and health, still occupy farms. There is no commercial areas of time, so I do not think that they have many options ...The only question that remains is that there is no traffic between the freight station of the farms and the of the city, even when there is commerce zone in it. On the other hand, there is rail traffic with the border ... I don't know where city get the goods... The traffic in freight stations is zero if there is not external connections. It is clear that the game prefer the virtual connection that saves you calculations... I think... Many thanks for the replies.
  7. In the end, understood the behavior of SimCity 4, remains one disappointed. The obsession by finding work near house, kills the game. A lot of time and of power of calculation it is wasted in something that has little felt in the real life. Who works near house in the real life of a great city? It is the question. The process heuristic of three conditions by finding house for each sim, it is so complex and consumes so many resources that neglects other aspects of the play, is more, heads for them to the failure. If the heuristic work of assign a job to each sim near house is interrupted for logical motives of excess of calculation, an available job of the same category should be assigned, randomly… or it assigned randomly in a direct way. The drawback it is that the traffic would be increased a lot, certain, but we have the sufficient tools to fight the problem… Mass traffic (bus, rail, subway and so on); incremental capacity of transit of de roads, avenues and highways; penalties to the sims that abuse the car increasing yours taxes… and so on. A Major of de city he has the obligation to adapt the city so that work well, not to find work across house to the citizens. Your task is providing adequate media to travel quickly, not to tell them where has to work… or to live... there are more important questions than the proximity in the real life... The consequences of this heuristics of the game are tragic... 1 At middle game, the heuristic, forces building near residence and commerce zones, it’s no bad… seems, but once all they work to a house stone shot, the work is done, excess the bus, that takes nobody. Why, if already they work close. The rail is empty, the highway is empty and the “sub” is the unique one that works something… seems. 2 With an healthy excess of works in the city… nobody wants to work on the industry. Already we can dispense with the industry without no remorse. In transit, to put an end to the contamination... and Hi-Tech.. fantastic... Why so much detail in the design of the industrial buildings if will disappear in the end? 3 Well. I’m sorry for farmers… To be a farmer, seems that one must be without light, without water, without police, without firemen, without health, without education... without nothing... An uncultured pig… I’m sorry… again. Once the city it is fine, nobody work at farms. Well, paradoxically this if is real… But us do not they leave to remedy it. Politics… Macroeconomics that an Major don’t understand. 4 If you connect an freight station on the farm zone (or the industry zone) at one other freight station on the city… the trade is… zero. From where do they obtain the merchandise the commerce? Is a mystery... But if you connect the rail to another land of the region, the trade works well… 5 If there is a road near of rail, the rail no work… very educational for the youths. The sims love the cars, but for that is the Major, to tell them... that not. Well, you are thinking… it is SimCity do not SimAll… It is true, but some the beautiful characteristics of the game remain cosmetic… absolutely, when a city is fine. And if you want to change on this moment the strategy (mass transit, farms, and so on) no work… The sims are accommodates and no force in the world will change you behavior. One resident, one job… for life… or destroy your house… The people can think as want, but we should have tools to change his behavior... in the city. At home, that do what he like… Sorry, I’ m a Spaniard and I’ m practicing the English… I expect not to commit many errors of orthography. Greetings.