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  1. EA Sues Zynga for Copyright Infringement

    It's rather strange that everytime EA is brought up, people complain about it being crazy for money, or really greedy, or something along those lines. As opposed to the other corporations, which sell products purely out of the goodness of their hearts? There are plenty of valid criticisms of EA, such as short-termism, but "greedy" or "money hungry" isn't one of them, because by definition corporations seek to maximize profit... And of course this is a valid complaint, and probably not a great money making opportunity for EA anyway, they probably actually did do it on principle this time.
  2. Major Medical Center

    This is a good idea, since you're right that it's easy to max out a single large medical center (but you can always overlap coverage, that's how I deal with it). You're also right that the large medical center looks fine, just has a rather lower capacity than you'd expect. The only big problem (for me) that I see with this is that you haven't raised the monthly cost [s]at all[/s] nearly as much, but you've raised the capacity by an order of magnitude. In effect this makes this a kind of "cheat" lot, taking care of all the healthcare needs of a huge population for next to nothing in cost.
  3. This site's conduct makes me sick.

    This is probably just a result of it being on the internet, anonymity can turn people into jerks. That being said, I think the ST community is in general one of the best out there. A few times on the STEX I've seen people make unconstructive remarks and get called out on it by other people, so I think what you describe is the work of a tiny minority.
  4. Excellent, thanks for this. I recently created a new region with lots of empty space so I was wondering if this would work. Though I assume it requires the NAM?
  5. SimCity 3000 Texture Pack

    A belated thanks so much for uploading these, I've used them in both my uploaded BATs so they've been really useful! 5/5
  6. SimCity Social doesn't sound too promising

    The criticisms of SimCity Social in this article remind me so strongly of SimCity Societies fatal flaws. The lack of any serious detrimental effects, happiness of citizens reflected but not really tied to any simulation, the large variety of buildings acting as little more than visual props due to the lack of simulation... However this is no surprise at all, this is just how Facebook games are. I don't know why anyone would see this as some sort of omen for how the new Simcity will play. I get quite the opposite impression - it is the Facebook game that uses the brand to promote an easy, shallow game. The new Simcity goes in the opposite direction. This is backed up by a presentation video I saw here a while back which showcased both games, after Simcity Social had been done, the presenter (some Maxis boss I think?) said: "and now for our hardcore fans..." to lead on to Simcity 2013. Cynics may say that I'm just buying into marketing spin, but the presenters statement makes sense in light of all the things we're hearing about GlassBox - people who just want to mess around plonking down buildings without consequences wouldn't care about fancy agent based simulation, so the fact that Maxis keeps mentioning it makes me think they're aiming for a more serious audience.
  7. Wilford House



    Hey My second BAT is an austere mansion with towers, a veranda at the back and an adjoining garage/shed. It comes on two lots, a 3x3 and a 3x4, both growth stage 4. Value: $4111 Bulldoze Cost: $249 Capacity: 55 R$$$ (120 R$$, 220 R$) Construction Time: 24 days Flammability: 35 MaxFireStage: 4 Pollution at center: 0 2 10 0 Pollution radii: 0 7 0 0 Power Consumed: 9 Water Consumed: 40 Worth: 249 No dependencies.
  8. 2 new pictures

    They look really nice, especially the first one, they look vibrant and detailed and the lighting works well. The location and frequency of the graffiti is rather weird (also the fact these buildings look fine other than the graffiti, in most cases buildings with a lot of graffiti on them would also have other signs of dilapidation) - but then these are the sorts of things they will probably tweak in the coming months. Yes but that is a specific graffiti prop which is only applied to a few buildings and shows up when the crime rate in the area reaches a preset limit (and always appears exactly the same), this graffiti appears to show up on any building.
  9. How do I make a DAMN menu?

    ^ I saw this on the front page not knowing about DAMN and initially I thought ErwinNegentigNo2 was just really really annoyed that he couldn't make a menu, and wondered what the context was!
  10. First Gameplay Sim City 5 E3 Livestream

    True, but I wouldn't worry too much because, isn't this always the case? I'm pretty sure that in most upcoming games over half a year before the release date the developer is showing mostly the same few things. There are probably a few reasons: Only some stuff is ready to be shown, they want to keep some stuff to hype the game closer to release etc. They have over six months to fill out with teasers, and no doubt still much work to do, so I wouldn't expect to see too much at this stage.
  11. The Sounds and Simulation of the New SimCity

    Not really. What they really say is that it is a "bottom-up" simulation where the city is created from masses of individual agents. This has the potential to be good on the macro scale as it will probably be a more detailed and dynamic simulation. As for large metropolises, as pcwhiz24 already said a trailer appeared to indicate cities could be right next to each other and unlike in SC4 you could see the neighboring city - and crime and pollution can cross boundaries now, unlike in SC4. So in many ways they are in fact expanding on the macro as well as micro components, by enhancing the region aspect of the game.
  12. Just to correct a misconception that I keep seeing, the devs confimed you don't constantly need an internet connection in single player, just one for it to start. People can make their own minds up about that, but I keep seeing people saying things like you need 'always on' connection, or a 'constant' internet connection, all you need is a few seconds of connection for it to validate when you start it. And this pantomime morality play that keeps being echoed, where poor little Maxis is enslaved to great big evil EA is rather tiresome too. Nobody can really know what's behind the decisions being made. It's worth remembering that EA has owned Maxis for well over a decade, during which they created SC3K and SC4.
  13. I still don't use any mods, I've downloaded quite a lot of BATs but still no mods. I've always been slightly apprehensive that they will somehow unbalance the game or make it easier. I may get the NAM though, maybe a bit OT but could someone please fill me in on how the basic transit changes/fixes effect gameplay? I've read about it elsewhere but I've never seen this specified much.
  14. Silver Star Shopping Center

    Thanks for the comments all T Wrecks, for future reference, how would I go about adding a gradient to a texture? And thanks for the nice roof textures IL.
  15. BAT Tutorial Cut Off

    Yes I had this exact same problem about 2 weeks ago when I was going through the tutorial. I looked to see if it was anywhere else but couldn't find it. Basically you have to fill in the blank yourself unfortunately, it seems daunting but really all you seem to have to do is put window frames on all the windows using array and rotate and create glass panes in the windows the same way you did with door, again using array to get them to all the windows (and add a UVW map - you also add transparency to them in the materials editor when texturing, but I think that comes later). That's a bit brief but I hope it helps a bit, I was quite worried that at some point in parts 2, 3 or 4 he would refer to something we should have done in the missing part, which obviously I wouldn't have done, but that never happened. Also I think he mentioned, at some other point in the tutorial, filling the gap on the right hand side of the building between the farthest back window and the back wall (on the left hand side this is filled by an electrical box), so I made a ladder - but that's not so important.