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  1. Country of Graterra

    mmm k
  2. Country of Graterra

    Okay, but how do you get a picture of my city on here? And Also, GoDucks!
  3. Country of Graterra

    And at the end of the day, Chuckeepaw Micropolitan area sits at approximately 15,000 people.
  4. Country of Graterra

    THNAKS! SO, Do you have a name for your country yet?
  5. Country of Graterra

    I built a strip mall and i want to put it out for download. Does anyone know how to do that? I am also working on an actual mall as well.
  6. Country of Graterra

    And at a day of work (seriously lol) Chuckeepaw micro area has a population of 7,239 people.
  7. The Nation of Liberty

    Nice! Alliance?
  8. Country of Graterra

    The Chuckeepaw Micropolitan area is underway! With more suburbs and other surronding areas that predicted.lol. Now up to nearly 4,000 people. (Key and Holden which are rich in oil reserves and oil factories.).
  9. Country of Graterra

    The countrie's currency is called pecunias. (Latin for money).
  10. Country of Graterra

    Devlopment is headed out east in Graterra to the state of Pawnia. There will be the settlement and construction of what is planned to be a mircopolitan area. Pawnia is a state used for military ammunition storage, oil storage, co-op fodd storages, and fields amongst fields of vegetables.(The State of Yukon is for fruits). The name of the mircopolitan area is Chuckeepaw. Chuckeepaw will consist of (Chuckeepaw), Pawnee, Chickasaw, Holden, Keys, Comanche, and Bartlett.
  11. Country of Graterra

    Below, is the Graterra flag and motto. (I know its unprofessional).
  12. Country of Graterra

    to the east is land that is not in use. Maybe you can take that part over? I need friendly neighbors. There is probably a few settlers in the eastern half but it is not a country. Be my neighbor and then become my alliance. lol And in 2016, when america fell apart, debt deystoyed the usa.
  13. Heimen

  14. Country of Graterra

    Below is the states,territories,and interests of Graterra.
  15. Schulmania

    I strongly suggest being allies. LOL! and you have a really neat country.