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  1. Installing a Region Downloaded from the STEX

    I'm so sick of this site & installing things.
  2. Europe

    I'm so sick of this site & installing these things.
  3. Config.bmp: How to Make it Yours

    Short article my ...
  4. Silverstone Island

    I need some help guys, I'm a bit new. I remember trying to get regions before but gave up back in the day. Well I'm back & trying again. I tried to download this & extracted it to Regions but in game it's just a bunch of squares. So what am I doing wrong? Thank you.
  5. Top Ten Modd Suggestions

    That NAM link doesn't work.
  6. SimCity: Gameplay

    I really hope this game will be fun. I am already sadden by the "must stay connected at all times to the internet just to play" stuff. ):