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  1. CHOCOLATE! 6th Annual Holiday Catalog

    Wow, I think this is an awesome offer. I'm not a member since a long time therefore I had no chance to use the offer, but I think I want to take my chance following christmas! You can never do anything wrong with [url="http://www.serenatachocolates.com"]chocolate gift baskets[/url] as a present, because nearly everybody enjoy sweets from time to time! Don't you agree?
  2. Even with a formatted hard drive, I am pretty sure that there is still some turn around for it. There are some software available that will enable you to recover all the files that resided on it since it was manufactured. Though it might be hard to go through all of them as they are saved on different folders and not even with their original file name, which proves to be very hard to deal with.
  3. What was your first ever game & your gaming history?

    I remember my first game console to be the Family Computer and was really enjoying it until the newer breed of game consoles sprang up. I used to play a lot of Tank Wars/Battlefield, Contra and Super Mario on it that time. During the same time, I think that I had my Sonic Gear which was a hand me down from my brother who upgraded to a gameboy pocket that time. Then I think I jumped to the ps1 after those times. I am not really sure of the timeline and how it is arranged.
  4. SOPA

    Well, now that SOPA and PIPA had been shelved, that paved way for the implementation of an even stricter ACTA which used the other two as cover up while it proceeds with its implementation. ACTA is really the new face of the internet circles considering how country ties could be used so that they could put an end to some internet web sites that are proven to be of imminent and imposing danger to a group.
  5. Simpsons to air 500th episode.

    I am keen to know what is the new decision with the simpsons who was reported to be going out of the franchise after its 24th season. I have been a fan of the cartoon series for a very long time already and I couldn't believe that they thought of that just because they did not agree with the salary they were getting. I would not be surprised though if they decide to continue it just because it is really great and have a huge form following.