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  1. Top Ten Modd Suggestions

    jzmajor, I agree! We have a great wit amongst us!
  2. UK Election 2010

    As an Englishman now living in Australia it's an interesting thread. I saw a clip of Gordon Brown saying words to the effect of " the future is in our hands now let's go and get it" outside No.10. I agree, DocRorlach (what's a "tribble"?) he was unconvincing and had the charisma of a brick. That shouldn't matter if we're voting for a leader with qualities to manage an economy and social structure but alas it does. psander5, while in theory the system doesn't mean voting for a person, rather a party, I believe that in reality it is people's perceptions of the individual leader as much as the performance and policies of the party that decide votes, much like buying anything is down to the salesperson you deal with as much as the company. Unfortunately the predominently right wing media (Murdoch owned in particular) have a lot of effect on that perception. Media have always targeted parties in support or disfavour. Traditonally, the Guardian and Independent are left wing for example, while the Times and the Sun are right wing. I think with the latter two papers they've got the market covered! My only hope (I may not live there but I still care) is that BNP are anihilated. A truly facist party blaming the woes of the country on non-whites. Not immigration, but non-whites. Do they complain about German, Canadian, Irish, US immigrants? Nope. It's the most blatent form of racism and needs everyone to stand against it. If population is growing too fast by all means stem immigration but not only against blacks, Asians etc. Ensure only educated people with the skills the country needs enter, regardless of race. We had a similar issue here with Pauline Hanson. She's now defected to the BNP in UK as she failed here. Be warned, UK citizens! And if the argument is that immigrants are taking all the jobs (they're not , most are just hard working, willing and paying taxes, and there's good and bad in all races), then maybe there just aren't enough jobs. Asylum seekers are a different issue and a tough one. All good people have a moral responsibility to help their fellow man seeking refuge (especially those who claim to be Christians - odd how they many don't apply Christian values in this regard) and I truly believe the cost of maintaining border security and asylum seeker processing centres is just a cost the world now has to live with, just like it lives with the billions spent on weapons stockpiles and defence policy, but I bet there aren't many conversations down the pub or in the papers that focus on that cost as an election issue. The cost of one stealth bomber could fund malaria research for years, potentially saving millions of lives. Haven't seen that headline in the Daily Mail. In the end I just hope people vote for the greater good not just their personal benefit, but then i dream of world peace and free love too. One interest I have in this election is what part the internet or non-traditional media will play, particularly in attrracting the young vote. ...and I shall now put away my soapbox, well after declaring that compulsory voting is the best idea of all. Only 30% of Brits vote on average and these tend to be have a greater proportion in the upper socio ecomonic groups i.e. poor people don't vote. People died to give us all the vote...use it wisely my friends!
  3. Mega Plugins Packs

    This may also help you... http://www.sc4devotion.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=48&Itemid= It's a master list of where to find dependencies.
  4. Commerce

    First one first...no, I'm not really suggesting that they "prefer" to travel "abroad" to work, just that if a city has no industry they seem to seek ind jobs elsewhere even if there are comm jobs available in their home city. I'm not commenting on game mechanics, which I don't pretend to understand, just my playing experience. Not meaning to be negative but neither am i saying its "better to" or that you "should" build industrial cities to service other neighbours, simply that i like to create specialised cities for realism eg a farming cities merging to commercial only to resort style or oil refineries etc. with some mixed thrown in. it's entirely up to you - play in the way you enjoy! No.2...hard to say how we compare. In my "beautiful" cities i spend up to 20,000 on parks etc when fully developed, usually consisting of a large central park built from many small water/park/landmark lots and small parks/plazas within 'burbs and commercial centres, or separating larger industrial lots s i don't get horrible messy ind zones full of 1X1, 1X2, 2X2 buildings. I don't seem to be able to create slum cities - my conscience gets hold of me! Hope that helps.
  5. Just a Question

    There is an upoad on stex containing several different nuclear plants which, from memory, do not create residual radiation (unless you let them explode). Sorry don't have the uploaders name.
  6. Interesting thread, I learned a lot. I use a lot of ploppable Paris res builings in a couple of cities and always assumed they not only added to the population but also that they satisfied jobs and produced taxation revenue. Accordingly, I thereby assumed the lack of details on the transport query was a technical limitation of ploppables. From what I read they only add to the population number. mmmm... I may have to do some tests! Does it also apply to industry, as I'm sure ploppable industry also show up as 0 on the transport query, but I'll have to check . Thanks all.
  7. The ST 6.0 Department of Technical Affairs

    Thanks for the reply, Korot. I don't think I'm running in compatability mode but I confess i don't know what it means in respect of using ST. I waited at least 10 mins for comments. Cheers.
  8. The ST 6.0 Department of Technical Affairs

    hello. I have three problems with the site at the moment. I tried searching but went dizzy scanning so many results so hope they haven't been answered before... 1. The "You do not have the latest browser..." message still appears although i'm using IE8 - not too serious really 2. I cannot scroll through the latest posts on the front page using "more". I click it but nothing happens. I can see the first page of posts though 3. I cannot see comments on stex uploads. The little "getting comments" gif just keeps whizzing around forever. Clicking on the comments tab does nothing. I have latest java, flash etc installed, or at least I think I do, I have checked on the respective websites. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. H.
  9. Commerce

    And don't forget, Weedcow, that as you increase traffic to boost customers, you'll also increase traffic noise and air pollution, which high wealth res and comm respectively hate, thus reducing demand for them. It's the eternal sim conundrum! If you're new to the game, and I don't wish to sound patronising, you might be trying to increase population by placing buildings right next to each other...maxing out the available tiles as it were? If so, it's a false ecomony as it atrracts lower weath communities that way. Instead try seperating buildings with grass, trees, park etc to give open space. Your extra monthly investment will pay off in higher incomes and more attractive buildings and cities. I often see ugly little commercial buildings become majestic offices instantly, just by covering them with trees! My bill for grass tiles alone is usually in the high hundreds. Finally from me, I think the true definition of jobs in SC is really "industrial", to a degree at least, in that sims travel to industrial and commercial benefits as a result of that travel. A few of my cities have no ind and are still very successful , but regardless of how many com zones I create, how close they are to the res zones (ie low commute time) or how good education etc are, the sims always want to travel to neighbouring cities to work. I've learned to live with it as it still produces very nice cities.
  10. Monthly Income

    I know of one industrial bat that gives an income of 14 or 16000, maybe you have that installed. I tried to find the name for you but couldn't. It's a cement storage/disrribution centre- hard to miss with 2 tall storage containers. If it is that, just bulldoze!
  11. Austrailian Dust Storm

    I live 40km from Sydney city and woke to find the whole house bathed in an orange glow. At first I panicked thinking it was a bushfire! It was the most amazing sight ever, we couldn't see more than 10m before the combination of the glow of the rising sun (it was about 6am), the dust and morning low cloud ( we live on top of a plateau) obscured everything, so we were completely enveloped in orange light. In fact it was as if the air itself was coloured rather just just the light. Alas, I had no camera available. We're still wiping surfaces and floors to get rid of the fine layer of dust that eaked in every open door and window, even some closed ones! Still worth the hassle to experience the effect - quite dramatic!
  12. I want to add realism

    Your placement of zones, parks, etc will affect the rate and type of development which can lead to what you expected to be a low volume street being overcrowded and roads/avenues virtually unused etc. But... that's what the game is about, redeveloping and evolving your city to meet the various demands etc. It's what makes SC fun and so damn addictive...there's always something to improve! However, a cities evolution doesn't have to lead to lack of realism, just redevelop and rezone accordingly. I highly recommend surfing the stex to see what's available as custom stuff is one good way to improve realism, if only by the variety of buildings it provides.
  13. Dewm, the clock is because if you're anything like me, you'll be so absorbed that when you exit SC to find it's 2am!!
  14. Dewm, the clock is because if you're anything like me, you'll be so absorbed that when you exit SC to find it's 2am!!