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  1. I'm really just looking for a few good start-up beginner tutorials. there was one on there that was so good for beginners..I never got my city as big as that when I used it. It had me use one way streets in the beginning of the game...and it worked so fantastically!
  2. Well real quick...can you tell me what happen to all the awesome tutorials that were once on this site? they are all gone!
  3. I also can not get on because of this reason. Please someone help cuz I have to ask a question!
  4. Commute times make me want to kill myself

  5. New Comer-same Problem

    Hey thanks...so i took your advice. It was working and then the things started to appear again. http://img838.imageshack.us/img838/1250/yalchafeb24241314231989.png that is a picture of the changes I made. Now the commute times are really high and im overwhelmed with what to do. Could you perhaps tell me how to take a picture with those graphs up so that I can provide you with better ways to anaylze my situation. All my industry is in a different map btw and do you really need farms? the demand never seems to go away!
  6. New Comer-same Problem

    I'm not sure I understand you haha....I'm all new to this so forgive me for my ignorance. I do have NAM but nothing else. And I don't really have commerical demand or dirty industry demand of anything I just have a LOT LOT LOT OF low wealth residential demand!
  7. New Comer-same Problem

    http://img829.imageshack.us/img829/2220/yalchaoct14161314152742.png http://img84.imageshack.us/img84/3218/larrsmay11071314152798.png Sorry just realized that link has nothing on it...^those are the links
  8. New Comer-same Problem

    http://my.imageshack.us/v_images.php So I'm terrible at computers and this is the best I could do with uploading pictures. I couldn't upload them from my folder to here directly because the file size is to big, and I also don't know how to upload them with the demand bar open cuz then I can't take a picture. I looked all over this forum for a good tutorial on it but the image shack thing is all I could find. Also, I started the tutorial without either two Mods...then i added the NAM middle way in, then I added the less abandonment one because nothing was working. That doesn't seem to be working either. Then i restarted on a different map with both it seemed to work ...and then everything went no jobs on me again. It's not even like they stay no jobs its like waves of getting jobs and losing them...and then the building goes abandoned. It's very frustrating. So NOW I deleted the low abandonment mods and just have the NAM now, at least I think. I have two questions....DO you think how fast I speed through the game itself has anything to do with why there are no jobs? Also, The tutorial says very little about mass transit...it says pay attention to it and that's it. I don't seem to have problems with my transit system though, I don't have much just a few bus stops that no one even uses. Could that have something to do with it? Thanks everyone!
  9. New Comer-same Problem

    Thanks everyone for your quick responses....So i have Windows 7 professional. I just bought a new version of the game a week ago from the store(the sim box)...even though I had an older version. i downloaded all the patches necessary as mentioned in the thread "For the eager but overwhelmed newcomer"....As far as pictures go Look up the tutorial "how to make money" and that is a mirror of what my city looks like. THe industry is in a different city...and the suburbs are in a different city. That dude doesn't seem to have any problems but I have WHOLE lots of people without jobs. and it seems to be the low wealth houses.
  10. Hey everyone! So I've been looking at the tutorial called "how to make money" I think. Now I've tried working with it three times. I actually deleted and started my cities over. He doesn't seem to have ANY problems with his jobs and such. with the exception of a few houses with the no jobs sign. Now I have the NAM...and the Less abandonment Job. I know the abandonment is not due to commute time. It's because they can't get jobs, but I don't know how to supply Jobs without Demand for them. Can someone give me a hint because I've been following street for street what that Kid did On the tutorial. I can't seem to get this game past a certain point. I rarely see skyscrapers, even small ones and I've never seen city skyscrapers since I bought the game when IT FIRST CAME OUT! Please someone help me...A quick read through that tutorial might help you give me some tips.
  11. Found this site and I still can't improve my cities :I

    1. Kifflom112


      Why don't you get NAM.

    2. astronelson


      It takes time and practice. We can help, but can't make people instantly better at building cities.

  12. Hey there, I read your tutorial and I like it except that in everyone of my towns I'm getting SO SO many abandoned buildings. Like the we dont have jobs thing constantly comes up and then it goes away and then the building goes black. Could you give me some advice..the wierdest thing is there is no damand for industry. Does it have to do with my taxes?

  13. Making Money The Easy Way

    Nevermind they started to grow but now they are complaining about commute times and most of my houses are abandonded now lol!
  14. Making Money The Easy Way

    It's not working for me!!! AM i missing something that you have? How are all those trees poping up all over the city. I even got a message that said Your residents want to move in but you don't have enough desirable zoning. What do I do there?only the edges of those one zone res are working.
  15. Just found this website and I'm excited about Improving my cities.

    1. BIWDC


      you will find alot here to improve your cites that's for sure : )

    2. nathanthemayor