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  1. BAT4Max v.5

    I'm glad it worked for you as easily as it seemed to for me. I wonder, though, if this is a common issue? Has SimFox come across this problem in v5 with others' installations too? I wonder if maybe a check of the file included with the installer script should be examined. I dunno, some people seem to have got it working out of the box, so perhaps we're just special! Looking forward to seeing your BATs!
  2. Well, school has gotten int eh way of finishing BAT projects, but I'm looking for the time!

  3. BAT4Max v.5

    Just saw this response and thought I'd chime in, though I haven't really had time to mess with my "fixed" version to test the preview render issues I discussed. As I look at it now, I actually DL'd the source files from v2.5 HD rather than v4.5 as that DL seems to have been deleted from the STEX. HERE is the link to a Rapidshare DL of the v2.6 version. That DL contains the files themselves, with no installer script. I found that if I simply navigated to the location that the BAT4MAX tool was looking for (the one in red/the one that seems to be corrupted) and replaced the file itself with the older version, the problem seemed to be fixed. I imagine that there hasn't been a change in the TB2_CameraLightRig.max file iteself, so that's why the older version works. Keep in mind that I did not alter the installation of BAT4MAX v5 itself, only replaced the single .max file. Like I said, once that's done, then the basic problem of the unopen-able file seems to be fixed.
  4. BAT4Max v.5

    You mean once the preview is already rendered or before I render it? I'll open it up and take a screen shot to show what's happening... Also, when you say turn the lights on myself, does that apply to self-illuminating materials too? shouldn't they just glow by themselves?
  5. BAT4Max v.5

    Well, it seems like it kept alternating between looking in the root folder with one installation and then looking in the \program files with another. Again, the issue seemed to be with the .max file itself because even when I pointed it in the right direction, it would still not find the cameras and when I tried to open the light rig .max file, there was a 'failure to open file' error. So, I downloaded the files themselves from BAT4MAX v4.5 and replaced (overwrote) the TB2_CameraLightRig.max file in the correct folder. Now it seems to be working, although whenever I preview render a scene now, It doesn't seem to give me a black, night background. The process works, but I'm not sure what the preview result is supposed to look like, so I can't tell if it's working completely. I have some areas that are semi-transparent and self-illuminating and they don't appear to be lighting up. Is the DarkNite preview render supposed to show the objects against a black background with the lights on?
  6. BAT4Max v.5

    I should also add that when I open a brand new scene and try to set LTBL, I check the File>Xref Scene and the file path is in red...
  7. BAT4Max v.5

    Well, I DID follow the instructions. Installed 3ds MAx fresh, installed BAT4MAX first thing. It doesn't matter which setting button I push on the rollout, day, maxis nite or truenite, it gives me the "couldn't find camera z5" error. That is with a brand new install. I mean, the instructions are not difficult... run the script, restart... And, then when I go to try opening the TB2_CameraLightRig.max file, it fails to open... which makes me thing that file is the whole problem, maybe it's corrupted or something?
  8. BAT4Max v.5

    OK, so I managed to get a new TB2_CameraLightRig.max file saved, but it doesn't have a camera or light rig attached. Is there some way to just set up the default and save it that way? I think this may work. Sorry I'm such a $%&^! at this...
  9. BAT4Max v.5

    Well, I'm completely stuck here. I've tried everything I can think of, but nothing gets rid of the 'couldn't find camera "z5"' and I can't open up the TB2_CameraLightRig.max at all. The file fails to open. I managed to save a new scene with that name, but it didn't have any cameras at all after saving... I've reinstalled 3ds max, BAT4MAX v5 numerous times. I would love some help on this...
  10. With all the problems I'm having with BAT4MAX, i'm going to tackle my plugins organization first and finish the BATing a bit later.

  11. BAT4Max v.5

    OK. I tried reinstalling 3ds max and bat4max v5 fresh and I'm still getting the same problem: the TB2_CameraRig.max scene will not open. I don't know if there's a problem with the .mzp file or what. Is there a way to uninstall the bat4max without uninstalling 3ds max? I'd like to try again with v4.5 and see if that fixes it. I noticed bat4max checks for previous installations... i wonder if that will work with going to a previous version or if I'll have to go through the whole process again? It's really strange, I have tried every configuration listed and nothing seems to fix the corruption problem.
  12. BAT4Max v.5

    So, I went to open the TB2Camera_Rig.max scene and it wouldn't even open up. I don't know if something I did corrupted it or what's up. I'm doing a complete uninstall and reinstall of 3ds max to try and fix the problem, but it's really bizarre. I have another question: if I can't get BAT4MAX to work properly and decide to just create in 3ds, export as .3ds, then import into gmax, will there be big problems with the things that gmax can't do? I'm thinking like lighting and reflective textures, specifically, but I'm sure there's a whole host of bells and whistles that 3ds max has over gmax. I was really looking forward to the ease of exporting directly from 3ds max, but c'est la vie, non?
  13. BAT4Max v.5

    So, if I open the Xref'd scene and the camera is not there, then can I add it manually and save the scene? Or perhaps link to a different camera rig scene that does have it (I think I've seen like 4 with the same name..)? I'll try it, and let you know. Many thanks...
  14. Running into more problems than anticipated with BAT4MAX... I just want to finish!!! :(

  15. BAT4Max v.5

    OK all, I'm hoping someone can help me out here... I have followed all the installation instructions to a T: installed both gmax and 3ds max 2009 into my root folder (c:\), merged my scene with a brand new default scene, deleted TB2_Camera_Handle, and NOTHING seems to work. No matter what, I get a"couldn't find 'camera z5'" error. I've also tried setting the path to the camera rig scene correctly. It's very frustrating. Additionally, every time I delete the Xref path and the TB2CameraHandle and try to redo the LTBT, it replaces them immediately. It makes no sense to me. I really, really want the ease of BAT4MAX but I wonder if I should reinstall and then install v4.5 instead? I should say that I'm a totally beginner when it comes to BATing, both with 3ds and gmax, so perhaps I don't have the details down for what I need to do... Thanks for any help...