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  1. Superflowergarden Cleaner

    Nice but... It spreads around the graphic effect of radiation and... is, of course, horrible to see...  
  2. Pokemon Battle Stadium

    Nice building, anyway, i have some problem: it appears only the stadium without the two Pagoda-looking buildings...
  3. Hello! Tanks for yours amazing police cars packs, they are simply outstanding!

  4. Armor pack

  5. BLaM Police Cars MEGA PACK 3

    Hello, very very very nice mod, nice cars and lightbars. May i ask you to make a mod for the Lombardian Local Police? (Polizia Locale Lombarda)? Here is some link to the images as you asked in some ReadMe file. Because the lightbars is made up by very fleshy LED light, can you made blue light rotating faster than normal police cars to made impression of them flashing? [url="http://www.carrozzeriabattiston.it/index.php?modulo=dettaglio_prodotti&id_prodotto=Decorazioni%20adesive"]http://www.carrozzeriabattiston.it/index.php?modulo=dettaglio_prodotti&id_prodotto=Decorazioni%20adesive[/url] [url="http://www.ilgiorno.it/bergamo/cronaca/2011/05/05/500581-romano_lombardia.shtml"]http://www.ilgiorno.it/bergamo/cronaca/2011/05/05/500581-romano_lombardia.shtml[/url]
  6. Banner Walk

    Excellent! Just what i need!
  7. Weapons Research Facility

    I don't know why but in my city it appear like a cement plaza with the radar...(but it work)