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  1. Sorry for such a late reply, been one of those days you know? Yes I have, One at the deepest scan settings, multiple sweeps at a slightly lower setting(with AVG, it's the difference between scanning all files, and apparently only infect-able files.) Edit: I forgot to edit these sooner, sorry about that. Got the file scanned through WildFire, all came back as benign. No viruses could be found anywhere, so I have no idea what went down there, maybe AVG didn't like the crash whilst existing, you might expect I would have had that happened already, but after a long break that was only the second or third day of playing the game for about 15 mins at a time to test something, on this OS with this current av software. Maybe it is my fault for being sadistic enough to keep gaming on Windows 8. Maybe it's time for a clean install of Windows. No matter, thank you all for your assistants on this matter, I should probably make an attempt to get more active in this awesome community and not just pop up once in a blue moon asking for help. (Not sure if to mark this as solved or not, or if that really makes any difference to the forum, so sorry if I should have.)
  2. Yeah I don't think I worded it very well, I am hoping the mess came from the tmp file corrupting from the game crashing while saving and exiting. And AVG seeing these not behaving as they should in this instance rightly kicked in. Otherwise I have some mystery malware that has gotten past everything hidden away and only tried to knowingly attack SimCity. Which of course isn't by any means unthinkable, but fairly obscure behavior so far. :/ I don't even know anymore.
  3. Quite right. And to answer the previous post, yes I have up-to-date 2014 free AVG, and have run multiple scans, both on the SimCity folders and even more full computer scans, along with the daily scan nothing else has been found. Each scan has all the search for advanced threats and all that ticked, only thing I changed was for tracking cookies as I remove they regularly via chrome, so apart from putting that setting back on and removing the few left by IE, scans showing as clean as a whistle. After removing the file to check on Virus Total, scanning it again didn't trigger AVG, though I didn't risk running it before shredding it. Currently installed the Deluxe edition from Steam, nothing from scans and AVG doesn't stop it launching. VirusTotal still has 2 of the 4 warnings present for it. Only got the base game installed off disc so far before I had to go, but again that runs with out AVG complaining, though this version has 3 of the 4 warnings from Virus Total. It certainly is looking a bit more false positive brought on by a crash causing it to misbehave. Still going to check the Rush Hour expansion and patch's cause the same original 4 warnings, and have a mate working for a decent corporate IT support company that has access to some better to scan the files to check too. Hopefully all will work out good, but when no one else seemed to of had this before, I was incredibly stressed out. Thanks for all the help so far guys. And sorry if there is any spelling mistakes, posting from my phone.
  4. Yeah as I said earlier I should have by this point been on a nice new desktop that I would have a nice paid for AV on, but at the time when this was supposed to only be around another month going out and spring out on a decent AV seemed a bad idea what with the costs of building the new PC and me not having an income, anyway long story short still stuck with this and keep planning on being rid of it with in each month, so never upgraded the AV software yet. I am not happy about having a free AV and things like this really tend to show their weakness, though I have used AVG free in the past and now for a while so I do feel fairly certain that in this case it is not malware(But I wouldn't say never unless it was a fully paid product from the manufacturer), and of course I would only every get it from the official site none of that downloading it from random download sites. Anyway, going to try a re-install of the game to see what my AV and VirusTotal make or the newly installed file, then if it doesn't kick up a fuss about it, clean re-install of windows and start from scratch to be on the safe side.
  5. Thanks for replying, yeah from my researching there didn't seem to be many cases of instances like this, though there are a few they tended to be that the individual had issues after the first install not so long down the line. The file was submitted to AVG and marked to be checked for a false positive, but yeah as you say AVG isn't great at all doubt to see anything be done about it. The only reason I still use it is due to the fact I am kind of between pc's, this laptop is well past it's prime but due to a number of family and financial hiccups over the last year I haven't been able to get my life sorted out to get my new PC at which point I wanted to go with kaspersky or the like (certainly not Norton though) Anyway yeah I turned to virustotal as the first thing long before trying here, the other temp file mentioned by AVG was left intact and it was checked out as fine on there, though I haven't restored the two files from the vault yet and uploaded them to check, was hesitant to do so, though if they would seem like a good idea then that's what I will do. I was secretly hoping someone like Nonnymoose would show up, though I am sure someone like me is but a nuisance to someone of his calibre of knowledge. Edit: VirusTotal found the tmp file to be perfectly fine, even had the maximum positive file rating, but it didn't like the SimCity 4.exe so much, my scan along with previous had 4 returns for being a possibly unwanted application. Shredded the game, going to see if it says the same for a new install, then take it from there really.
  6. Sorry to bother you guys, but was greeted with this little gift whilst booting up today. I have spent some time going over everything and the rest of the system seems to be fine, but AVG first had a problem with ~e5d141.tmp which it informed me it had blocked last night as well as SimCity 4.exe (Going by the time it was as I was quitting the game and shuting down the PC so didn't notice it then, the game did seem like it had crashed when quitting.) Anyway it removed this, though it's connection to the game seemed very odd to me, after a couple scans all seemed right and I tried to see if the game still worked, and was then greeted with AVG blocking the game and requesting to move it the virus vault, which seems to be that both are false positives given the game has run with the current set up for some time, and nothing had really changed leading up to this point. The attached image is the information given on the exe in the virus vault along with the associated files it took with it. I haven't found much online, but have see some stuff about that particular tmp file method being used with a few programs including older Adobe products, and it corrupting causing similar problems. Overall there does seem to be a fair amount pointing towards a false positive here, but basically I was hoping to see if anyone else in this great community had ever witnessed such an issue and could confirm the likelihood of it being a false positive? Otherwise I will just have to keep digging I suppose. The version of the game I was running is the original discs of the vanilla game and Rush Hour expansion, and the only change to the game before that particle instance of running was installing the Crane Collection by Bipin from here on the STEX (Apparently I had missed that dependency at some point.) If any of that helps. I know this likely isn't really the kinda problem to be posted in this forum, but some of that brilliant knowledge contained from the regulars here might have the insight I need. Thank you for your time.
  7. Transparent texture glitch after saving

    There is actually a way to keep the transparent textures w/o the texture glitch. It involves going into the Reader and simply delete the base texture files. I am about 80% sure this works (I have not had an issue yet, at least), but I would give it a try anyways. It is relatively simple. Tutorial here. Thank you soooo much, this seems to have worked out perfectly! Plus I know how to fix it if any other lots have the same issue, I can't thank you enough for your help!
  8. Transparent texture glitch after saving

    I figured it had to be W8 related, does this means there isn't any fix for this then? Guess I will spend tomorrow relotting the affected lots then to remove the transparent textures. :/
  9. I have noticed within the last week that when ever I save my game a few modded lots that use transparent base textures have a strange glitch where the transparency now applies to the map bellow the lot too, allowing you to see through the map to the blue chequered void bellow. This seems to only appear right as the game successfully saves, and will have been corrected once the map has been reloaded. Also this has so far only affected two mods, the Peg Ponds mod and a radio tower by Bipin. (It's worth noting the Peg Stream kit that uses all the same textures as the ponds has had no issues.) I have so far done everything I can think of, the game has been re-installed and only had one of these mods in it at a time, been tried in different resolutions both hardware and software mods, recent graphics driver was replaced with an older one where they appeared to have been working properly in the past, the weeks windows update was removed, the regions and cities the issue began in where removed, the graphics rules file has been edited, the profile in the NVidia control panel has been edited. Just about every solution to any issue mentioned on this forum has been tried and to no a vale. So I am just hoping that at this point some one some where has had a similar problem, and might know how to fix this if at all possible. I will leave you with my specs and attach some images of the issue and go drown my sorrows for now. Using SimCity 4 with Rush Hour expansion fully patched. Running on a Dell XPS M1730 laptop with Windows 8.1 Pro Processor: Intel Core2 Duo 2.20GHz RAM: 4GB 2x NVIDIA GeForce 8700m GT Thank you for any help you can provide, sorry if I made any mistakes in what I wrote and for the poor quality images, I am very tired and in a fair amount of pain as it is.
  10. There's a new NAM version out!? I know what I am doing tomorrow :D

  11. ime to start building some cities with all these mods now XD

    1. simlink


      It's always so much fun to go and build a new city with a bunch of new stuff. :D

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      Indeed. Been so busy continually adding new mods to my game, but never getting to actually build the cities, oops lol

  12. Time to start building some cities with all this mods now XD

  13. Why doesn't simcity.com work any more!? O_o