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  1. Sim City: Wishlists

    Transport I think transport should allow for different levels of involvement. For example you can simply place bus stops and it the game would automatically send buses between them. However there should be the option of being able to plan bus routes. Similarly placing train stations, trains should run automatically, however there should be an option of planning your routes. Trains and Subways Stations should be place on top of the track so that the platform goes either side of the railway rather than simply next to the track as in SC4 Ability to build railways that are either raised or lowered so that roads can pass under/over them (like much of railway in large European cities which does not simply run along the ground) Ability to build larger stations for busier areas, e.g. a city centre terminus with three tracks. Combine this with ability to build two lines next to each other, one intercity, one suburban. Subways platforms should work the same as trains. They should not be single points. Subways should not be able to turn right angles underground. Subways should not join each other at right angles, rather they should either merge or have the ability to pass under/over each other Interchange stations should be able to be built. Firstly between subway and rail. Secondly between two subways running at right-angles to each other Roads and buses Ability to plan bus routes Bus terminus building for city centre Trams that can either run down roads or separate to them. Ensure these are easy to simply place on top of a road Ability to select number of lanes that a road has, give it bus lanes, cycle paths, pavements etc. This again could be an option which you don’t automatically have, but people who want to go into more detail can use As you make ‘greener’ decisions, more and more people start cycling, walking and taking public transport Airports and sea ports Both should be zoned and evolve within that zone depending on demand (perhaps this could work through you giving them planning permission to develop/set aside funds) Should both be able to link with rail, bus subway etc. Seaports can have different functions such as industrial and passenger Buildings More than one template for each building so that not all fire stations, police stations, schools etc. look the same Ability to extend and expand buildings as well as simply replace them with something bigger. E.g. add a wing onto a hospital. Add some classrooms to a school Some ability to stop buildings from being destroyed, e.g. designate them ‘listed’ or a ‘landmark’ Terrain Ability to create automatically generated regions that you can then modify, e.g. large river, coast line, hills, mountains etc. Different types of terrain would allow different building hights, e.g. soft/marshy ground can’t have skyscrapers Regional interaction In a similar way to the Sims 3 I think you should be able to zoom out from your city plot and move around the region, rather than having to save and exit to the region screen. Perhaps the city plot you are working with could change as you scroll to the top/bottom/left/right of the screen, thus allowing for less computing power being used than if you were viewing/controlling the whole region at the same time. (I realise this may cause timing issues with building and finances though) Ability to borrow and lend money to other players/parts of the region, e.g. I have one rich town, they can lend to my poor city. Or one online player to another Players can invest in specific funds (like coal or oil etc.), this money could become available to players who then want to build a coal mine/oil rig etc. The investor would get money back from their investment. Perhaps players could actually buy buildings/infrastructure in other people’s regions, providing them with money and you with a money generating asset. University competition across regions, best educated/richest Sims go to best universities Potential disease epidemics that sweep across regions Attract rich people from other parts of the region to have a second home in your region Finances Ability to create tax breaks for certain industries (e.g. car manufacturer, film industry) rather than simply industrial vs. Commercial vs. residential Overall I think it is really important to be able to vary the level of micromanagement dependent on what you want to do. E.g. at the one end. Simple build roads around zones and see what happens to the other where you plan train and bus routes, expand hospitals, tax certain goods and not others to encourage industry etc. etc.