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  1. Show us your.............. Fires!

    As recognized by Duke87 it is true that Nuclear Powerplants in real life can never have a explosion the reasons provided by him and that Powerplants aren't allowed to have enough nuclear materials to where they may reach Critical Mass and set off a chain reaction. --- just wanted to give my 2 cents =p other than that this is a pretty interesting thread more fires! "Burn baby Burn"
  2. BSC Alabaster Mosque

    Nicely done this will be a perfect addition to my city
  3. Massively Gigantic Japanese BAT Gallery

    Hey guyz i got the Microwave Powerplant workin but i was wondering y the night lights werent working durring the night or is that a separate download???? Also i have a request (i no this is in the rong thread but srry got the dl from here, or should i just make the request in the other forum?) I was wondering if it is possible to make it more realistic by making the powerplant excessible later in the game like for the solar plant you need 30,000 people b4 you can create it, maybe for the Microwave Powerplant you need to have like Less then hydrogen plants requirements but more then nuclear powerplants. Anyway thnx for reading and if u cant help i'll just post in the other forum and completely disregard this reply Ok i have been rambling to long so yah peace hehe O and just for the heck of it (cause i just want to use this smiley) SRRY i will never do it again promis
  4. Massively Gigantic Japanese BAT Gallery

    Hey hey hey i went through the thread (looking at the pix and stuff) and i saw the Microwave PowerPlant i downloaded it but i was wondering how do i install it This would be me installing a building for a first time so i am new at this help would be apreciated (I MUST HAVE MICROWAVE PLANT truly amazing)