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  1. Simtropolis Beta Key Giveaway!

    The best hint I can give is to just keep looking around the site. The more places you visit, the more things you try; the better your chances! Good luck everybody.
  2. Simtropolis Beta Key Giveaway!

    Hmmm. not good for me. I'm at work and really should be doing other things!
  3. Simtropolis Beta Key Giveaway!

    Nevermind, sorry. was replying to something completely different. Anyhow. Anyone had any luck lately. I seem to be a step behind and whenever I find one, it has run out already.
  4. Simtropolis Beta Key Giveaway!

    Um. . . . Yes, that is what the message says!
  5. Simtropolis 1000

    OK, so I have read this entire thread and I would just like to do a quick summary of what I believe should happen with a project of this type. 1. The first things that need to be done are setting up proper communication channels. 2. The first phase of any Software development is Requirement Solicitation - Luckily, many base assumptions have already been made for us. We want to create a city building sim that stays true to the cs4 model of city building, meaning a semi-realistic and complex city design tool Basically, this means compiling a list of everything that the entire community would want out of a game such as this From this list, we can further define and narrow down a "complete feature list" These can be anything from "curved roads" to "realistic exploding llama feces"! 3. The next phase is analysis of these features. We sort and further define this list, section it up into things like "UI", "Transport", "Visual Effects", "Buildings", "Lots" etc. you get the idea. From this we can get an idea of just what our project ideally will have as an end product. Then we need a document that specifies the most important features that need to be implemented (things like 3/2.5/2D, no grid, pathfinding, demand. You know, the nuts and bolts of the system that will need to be of the highest priority) 4. Design This is a major part of the project. This is where we look at our important features document and decide how these features will be implemented. Will we need a graphics engine? Will this be an object oriented or structured design? In what language should we write it? File formats? Data specifications etc. 5. Implementation This is where the programmers start writing code, the content people start modelling, the UI people start implementing that etc. 6. Once a basic model is working, we go back to the analysis phase, and pick the next set of features to be implemented, we then go through more Design and Implementation phases until the game is complete. NOTE: This is just a mismatch of a process I am making up as I go along. During stage 2. This process would be properly codified. NOTE 2: I have not specified any kind of human resource management here (team of whatever) Onto some personal suggestions now: I suggest using Sourceforge to manage the project I would suggest using the The GNU General Public License (GPL) found at opensource.org This is just a basic process, what does everyone think? I know it's not perfectly clear. I will attempt to clarify my suggestion a little later.
  6. Australian Architecture

    Wow! I missed most of these when they came out. Dont know how! I just put in a request in the BAT request thread for someone to do Spencer St. Melbourne! Hope someone can!
  7. Thesdales Home

    I cant beleive I missed these. Well done!
  8. Again, well done. I await the next version with bated breath. It will make this program into something that no one who plays Sim City should be without! Not that it isn't now though!
  9. Seoul Sangga

    More more! I love these!
  10. oooh, DX10 is the major reason I want to upgrade. Just have to find somewhere to download it!
  11. And you had problems before upgrading to Vista? Did you notice any difference in performance? Does the beta have the new DirectX included?
  12. Just quickly, I am sure someone can go over them for the proper grammar later. Your second dialog box. Change all 'mod' to 'mode' ! and oh, by the way. Fantastic job you have done here. Well done!
  13. Tower Residence

    Fantastic building. The textures are especially good
  14. SFBT PreFab Highrises by ChP

    These buildings are brilliant! Missed them earlier but they are a must for my cities now!