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  1. BSC Texture Index

    @ Heides, your range is 0xF8000000 to 0xF803FFFF There are lots of technicalities to the way the game interprets meaning to the IID of a texture, but to be honest most of them don't seem to have any practical effect in the game that I have ever seen. I think what Barby is referring to is the "5th digit" (reading from the left) wealth indicator. This certainly has an effect, and should only be used if you want a wealth dependent texture. (A 0 in this position indicates no-wealth, 1 is low-wealth, 2 is medium-wealth and 3 is high-wealth.) To be safe, only use 4 to F in this position. btw, the range you requested is the 56th one next in line, and at the current rate of allocation would not have been given out until sometime in April 2012!
  2. BSC Texture Index

    @ Subbub, your range is 0xF7180000 to 0xF71BFFFF
  3. BSC Texture Index

    You don't need any IID range for textures for vehicles. That would be covered by your model if you make a new one, or the original IIDs if you re-skin an existing vehicle. However for base and overlay textures your range is 0xF7080000 to 0xF70BFFFF
  4. BSC Texture Index

    @ Timmystwin, your range is 0xF7000000 to 0xF703FFFF
  5. BSC Texture Index

    @ JeffCoyote, your range is 0xF6F00000 to 0xF6F3FFFF
  6. BSC Texture Index

    Whoops! A bit late in replying again... CIUU96, your range is 0xF6EC0000 to 0xF6EFFFFF
  7. BSC Texture Index

    @ TorontoHobbit, your range is 0xF6CC0000 to 0xF6CFFFFF
  8. BSC Texture Index

    @ Renedius, your range is 0xF6C80000 to 0xF6CBFFFF
  9. BSC Texture Index

    @ Ropeh3ad, your range is 0xF6C40000 to 0xF6C7FFFF
  10. BSC Texture Index

    @ ShonMach, your range is 0xF6BC0000 to 0xF6BFFFFF
  11. BSC Texture Index

    @ jim 546, your range is 0xF6B80000 to 0xF6BBFFFF
  12. BSC Texture Index

    @ littlewhitebutterfly, your range is 0xF6B00000 to 0xF6B3FFFF
  13. BSC Texture Index

    Damn! Fell foul of the new page thing again!!! Sorry for my slow reply. @ tigerbuilder, your range is 0xF6A40000 to 0xF6A7FFFF @ TownMaster2005, your range is 0xF6A80000 to 0xF6ABFFFF
  14. BSC Texture Index

    @ meister1235, your range is 0xF69C0000 to 0xF69FFFFF
  15. BSC Texture Index

    @ mike_oxlong, your range is 0xF6900000 to 0xF693FFFF