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  1. Fountain Place

    Side view gives this error.
  2. Fountain Place

    Congratulations for your work, but the plugin has a serious problem. The front of the building in the picture, okay no problem. Behind the building there is texture rendering error. I would be very pleased if you fix.
  3. Show us your Night Shots!

    Another beautiful night downtown Los Angeles
  4. Show us your parks!

    2 large parks from Los Angeles city center
  5. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    My city downtown Los Angeles CA I started three years ago, the city has grown and it has become over time. Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Inglewood reached with a population of 5 million.
  6. Show us your accomplishment!!

    I started a new city DALLAS
  7. Show us your Night Shots!

  8. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    2 years ago I started the first city. I still play DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES
  9. New Pictures - LA

    Thank you, no lighting of the highway. Would have looked super. This site has been a great help for me. There is no way you can make this city any other way.
  10. Downtown LA

    Landmark buildings, not all of them. I used more than just the city center. I play SC4 for about 1 years. I enlarged the city is very slow.
  11. New Pictures - LA

    I want to give information about the current state of the city. Region = Los Angeles + Hollywood + Beverly Hills population 1,049,220 6,409,249 Money 482.599 Redidential 296.658 Commercial 39.129 Industrial
  12. New Pictures - LA

    I updated all the pictures have changed is a landmark.
  13. Downtown LA

    My English is not very good, sorry. City is not fully finished. Completely finished soon. Unfortunately not able to use a landmark City Hall building.