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  1. NexisComputerGames

    its gorgeus i love it
  2. fun screen shots

    id hate to try and stop b4 that light did somebody say mcdonalds? jezz these things breed like bunnys
  3. fun screen shots

    ---------------- On 9/1/2003 6:12:26 PM das8929 wrote:This board is getting old but Cool But Evil Screenshots is right out of the oven and it alot better!! ---------------- when u think about it that doenst make much sense because there basicly the same thread, places for peopel to put screenshots its just that people are posting there stuff there now instead of ehrem cant figure out why though
  4. fun screen shots

    i doubt they would let planes crash after 9-11
  5. fun screen shots

    and runin down the streets in tanks HAHA
  6. Large Shops Ploppables

    do these include jobs? or jsut for looks?
  7. Beachside Beach Pack

    howling made this already his are better and there are more variety and also boardwalk places just search the LEX for beach
  8. Robert Taylor Homes

    2872 poeple is unrealistic for 3 buildings
  9. Two APPS MAX ALL Comercial Esc

    jobs provided any stats ?
  10. Pizza Hut

    i like the idea but i doesnt look much like a pizza hut
  11. The Twin Towers

    textures are incorrect but i believe tis is the best that could be done at this state hey i downloaded it :)
  12. fun screen shots

    whas that photoshoped?
  13. Starbucks cofee

  14. fun screen shots

    if ur goin to bump the trhead u should atleast say sumtin about pictures or previous posts like, how did those people get on the water thats crzy
  15. McDonalds