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  1. Christmas Content Pack

    hmmm, would make sense. The only thing is the contest is for actual real life photo's not CXL screenshots. Gone after New Years.
  2. Christmas Content Pack

    I love the xmas content pack, but not so much after Christmas. When will it go or can I disable it some how? I want to see my city without xmas decorations everywhere. ps. I love Simtropolis's Christmas theme, looks amazing, good job
  3. Never had a single problem since going to Win7. More reliable and runs better as Win7 doesn't use 99% of system resources in idle like Vista tries to do. lol
  4. Tropico 3!

    I have been playing Tropico since the beginning and must say I love the game. I love the demo and cannot stop playing. Check out the screenshots on www.tropico3.co.uk
  5. The Colosseum

    incredible attetion to detail. Good work