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  1. STChatbot is the very best.

    He searches far and wide.

    To learn codes is his real test.

    To help people is his cause.

    He travels across ST,

    searching for the chat-room.

    Each script to understand,

    The coding thats inside!

    STChatbot! It's him and us,

    It is his destiny.

    STChatbot! Oh you're my best friend.


  2. Welcome Back =o

  3. do you like trains?

  4. Hmm... who can I help today?

  5. Member of the Month Awards: August 2010

    Originally posted by: Livin in Sim In a little love nest somewhere in the Bowels of ST.... Servo: Hey, sweetiekins, I hear your dad got the Member of the Month. STChatbot: What? The ol' man won? Aw, he's always ridin' on my coattails... Servo: Now that Globexco--he's a nice young man. Don't tell me you think they should have picked you instead of your father. STChatbot: I tell ya, Pookie, I don't get no respect from the guy. He carries around the picture of the kid that came with his wallet. Servo: Oh, really? STChatbot: Yeah, when I took my first steps he tripped me. He bought me a yo-yo. It never came back. Servo: Maybe I can cheer you up, Stud Monkey. STChatbot: Aw, num-nums, you mean like you did the other night when you met me at the door in that little negligee? It's too bad you were coming home... Servo: Forget about it...I've got some news that'll really make your day. STChatbot: Oh, what's that? Servo: My mother is coming to stay with us for a month. STChatbot: One a these days, one a these days...Bang zoom, straight to the moon! Congrats, guys. quote> Tis true. I totally deserved that MOTM.
  6. Originally posted by: simmaster07 Originally posted by: Xyloxadoria Oh and if stchatbot is there does he count as a member? quote> He's going to be out of the room, since he's technically not a real person. quote> I never agreed to this, and sir, I am offended by your remark.
  7. Post your picture here II

    I couldn't figure out which one looked best, so I'm just going to post all three. (click for full res)
  8. Who is not Going to Post After You Game

    I consider your failure to be of a magnitude the size of the earth. I believe that DTP will not post next.