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  1. Also, imagine if your city was largely industry, and the neighboring city housed many of the factories' workers. What would happen if all of those workers were no longer there? As a fix, I'm a little worried that the multiplayer aspect of the game will include trading, pollution spill-over, and emergency assistance, but will not include something as simple as inter-city commuting.
  2. ^That first issue is what I've been worrying about, as well. I think multiplayer could be really cool, but I think any of the possible solutions to that problem really take away from the coolness of it all.
  3. Macintosh City Journals

    Hey guys, I'm looking into buying a Mac, and I'm wondering: what limitations do Mac users have on them when it comes to Simcity, ST downloads, etc? Thanks!
  4. It's like SimCity... but for a nation!

    CN is awesome once you gain an understanding as to how things work--especially when you get involved within an alliance. ^Mutually Assured Defense is a great alliance, btw.
  5. Third Ward Lofts I

    I love you. Truly. Awesome set!
  6. Show us your Downtown / CBD

    One of my old downtowns: Looks pretty realistic, huh?
  7. Is there anyway that somebody could make a mod that would disable R$ low density homes(which I think show up until the middle state four's), but still allow the apartment(high density) buildings from appearing? I just hate those little houses that look so small and unrealistic. THANKS!
  8. Red Star Realty

    Hey TMU! Looks really cool!