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  1. Ive got an elevated highway crossing an avenue. The highway is at around 60% of capacity, and the avenue 80%, in both directions. However on the 4 tiles where the two overlap, the game seems to be adding the traffic volumes for the highway and avenue together, but only considering the avenues capacity. As a result these 4 tiles get marked as heavily congested, and I keep getting those traffic messages telling me to upgrade the avenue or build alternative routes... Is there anything I can do to prevent this, not having any running under elevated highways kind of defeats the point of having elevated highways? I did try to take a picture but I couldn't figure out a way to do that with the data view, and therefore the congestion overlay up...
  2. How much money is "very high"? I suspect that like the vast majority of games, Maxis chose to use a signed integer of a finite size to store how much money a city has. If the number gets too high an occurs causing the number to wrap around, which in the case of a signed number will be the negative extreme. For example, if the game stores the money in 8bit signed integer then the range is -128 to 127. If you have 127 credits, and you gain one more, the integer will overflow resulting in -128. Most likely SC4 uses a 32bit signed integer, giving a range of -2^31 to 2^31-1, or around +- 2 billion. It is also likely that Maxis never considered it likely players would ever reach such large figures, so didnt do anything to handle the event (eg in the X game series Egosoft added code to cap the players bank at 2 billion, so that it would never overflow causing this bug).
  3. Creating smooth slopes

    Originally posted by: bigthing I'm pretty sure that there are a few tutorials on this kind of thing on the omnibus. Check it out!quote> Ive been over it a few times and can't find anything to do with creating smooth slopes...did you have any one in particular in mind which I may have missed for some reason? @Jezus53 & DCMetro34 Id rather not use a mod that changed the maxiumn gradient for the various transportation systems since that causes problems in places where a steeper gradient is required (I saw people suggested enableing and disableing the mod, which requires a restart. Appaerntly those people are very pateient or have a super computer because the time it takes to save, exit, restart the game and load my city is far to long for me personally...), while still not solving cases where I want a shallower gradient than normal (eg when I want to make a ramp or somthing for say an avenue, which is often less steeo than going up some of the hills etc). However, I was thinking that if there was some mod that added some way to create the desired slope in the first place without spending ages with the terraforming tools and still not getting it perfect/smooth, that I could then just build which ever transport method I wanted afterwards. Also some way to stop the terraforming tools from being able to destroy/move things like existing tracks would most likly help somewhat.
  4. Personally I like to keep all my roads/railways/etc as flat as possible. Often I'll have mayby say 10 empty tiles for a railway to drop mayby around 20m (guessing, going by the height of surrounding objects...) , but SC4 decides that it only needs two tiles for the slope. Similar problems occur with the other transport types. Is there some way to make a smooth slope between two tiles (ie so the gradient is constant for every tile between, rather than the first two or so tiles make up the entire change in height)?