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  1. Helens City

    Love your arrangement so far. how do you manage to keep your roads so straight & parallel? I find it difficult as the cursor seems to have a mind of its own when drawing roads!
  2. How to place Industrial zones?!?

    I hope somebody answers you as I have the same problem. Although with the extra income from investing in oil or water, I can afford more leisure & other services - so there are some new jobs. And I'm building more offices
  3. How to place Industrial zones?!?

    I have just bulldozed nearly all of my HI & bought it in through trading as I had made lots of money by investing in oil or water - institutes, specialist offices etc. This needs lots of elites & executives but I have gone from earning a fluctuating $5000 to $100-200,000 and have over 30 million cash! Getting rid of HI gave me lots more oil to see. I play SP only so have to put up with bad trade rates. I always build HI & Manufacturing near the edge & at the corner and am now waiting to see if some of the pollution goes. I also replaced the electricity power stations with wind farms & trading. You need to check where the unemployed are & make sure that there are roads to link to the Industrial or office areas. I try to put underground tunnels where possible but it does take a long time to get them right - at least it does me!!
  4. high-road to bridge will not work

    You can lower the bridge to ground level & continue the road. I think that there might be a thread about it
  5. Anybody else lose solo mode after new patch?

    I was taken to it after I did the survey but I was able to get back to solo mode The tax revenue from tourist hotels is messed up but MC are working to fix that - allegedly!
  6. Tourist hotels

    Well done, Sainty. That is indeed good news, hopefully!
  7. Christmas Pack!!

    My father Xmas is driving a lorry! He stood at the back of it while 2 guys unloaded & then they all did a little arm dance & he drove off! Great fun. That happened at midnight so I'm now giung to try 3am.
  8. Tourist hotels

    Originally posted by: Sainty Actually it does effect the profitability, it sinks down from 1000c to around 650c, sometimes lower, depends on how rough neighborhood you have placed your hotels in and how tight they are together. But at the end, its still good stuff. Its better than offices... lucytash, like you wrote in the first post, and just like morriswalters said, you have to use buildings that gives satisfaction bonus to the neighborhood.quote> So if I remove 2 or 3 of the parks after placing the hotel, the profit goes down? I forgot to check on that! Editted after today's new update After all of that MC seems to have taken away having a cluster of tourist hotels & interfered with the whole hotel concept. Even my tourist hotels that are spread out are suddenly going bankrupt! I had a message on the opening screen of one of the cities that the hotels should not be close together.. It's taken away the fun of the Christmas lights bonus. Have MC game writers never visited France's numerous tourist areas?!
  9. Tourist hotels

    I tried it with 4 avatar parks & the Brandenberg monument, as well as a swimming pool & was then able to plonk a few more hotels. I also deleted 3 of the parks & put them near to the new hotels but it just doesn't look too realistic. As well as being quite an expensive way of recapturing holiday zones. I even put a paintball park opposite one hotel & watched the little creatures having a war!
  10. Tourist hotels

    How did you manage that? I can't put the holiday hotels so close - only the business hotels.
  11. Tourist hotels

    Many Thanks mhosni & Stef42. Let's hope that MC give us somethings to make these areas more realistic!
  12. Freight and the City

    Many thanks, morriswalters & Sainty - will now go & do some bulldozing. Are you guys into Town & Country planning? Your lay-outs look so well laid-out!
  13. Tourist hotels

    I've searched the manual, various threads & city journals but can find very little about how to plan/arrange tourist areas. It seems that when I put down a tourist hotel, the area around it changes colour & the next hotel ends up quite a distance away. I read MC Matthew's advice that it's also possible to create holiday areas where there aren't any official ones but I'm finding it difficult. Do I use avatar parks, wooded green parks or leisure facilities, although these create noise pollution? I'd be very grateful for any help & for pictures.
  14. Freight and the City

    That sounds like excellent advice but I can't really visualize it! Would it be possible for you to post pictures of your road plans - especially how to avoid intersections. I try to put roundabouts but they also become clogged. Help!