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  1. Crosswalks

    Although great in design, no form of traffic will use these... I plopped a few in my city to test them and checked the data chart. Cars, Buses, Freight, or even pedestrians will not use these... although they do look good.
  2. Final Fantasy 7 Planet

  3. Academy Award Metro Station

    I donwloaded this lot and insalled it (properly im 99.9% sure) but i cant find it in any of the menu's. did i miss something? 10 for props and artwork.. its amazing
  4. Electric Power Plant

    i agree with fedsexguy... maybe not in the same wording but i agree with his point. I like balanced and feel the money style of the game is not to hard or to easy. 7 for props and artwork from me. *offers name not needed a qualude* i think yyour post is more out of line than fedsex.
  5. St Michaels Church House of Worship

    all i can say is wow ! 10 from me
  6. Maximum Medical Center

    its a good start although i think your stats are out to lunch. But for just starting to learn the tools this is pretty darn good visualy... better than i could do prolly.
  7. Monument for Rotatory

    I have already downloaded these and they blend very well in my cities ! 10 from me
  8. Museum of Cinema

    ahhh man im sorry .. i neglected to realize *my first creation* my appologies.. a very great start for a 1st time. Im sure you will learn the tools you definatly dont need help in the visual department
  9. Museum of Cinema

    its very nice .. but why no museum or landmark effect .. considering its size. 7 from me for artistic value
  10. 1x1 Fire Hospital and Police Lot

    extremely unrealistic and unbalanced.. great if your into cheating i guess... big difference between cheating and moding this is just plain ridiculous. (not a personal flame just an opinion) 1 from me
  11. Cerulean Textures V101

    can never have enough variety !
  12. A Real Roadside Bus Stop V2

    Wow qwerty697 or should i say flammer697. You want it done so bad you go do it. I think this lot is great and like frog said not ever bus shelter in the city is made of gold. ive gone over them in UDI's and checked the transportation query works fine for me *shrug* 8 from me
  13. Street Bus Stop Avenue

    this is great i love the idea. I dont mind the different sidewalk would assist the bus driver with his stops.. although i do think the centre line (grass patch) of the avenue could use a bit of work. 8 from me
  14. Street Bus Stop one way road

    Excellent ! if every bus stop in the world took up a whole lot and had a huge building all our MT systems would be broke

    Is this road useable in UDI when you go under or is it eyecandy like others are asking? Transportation enabled?