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  1. Simtropia

    Your work is amazing I can only begin to believe how much effort you are putting into your region i have worked for hundreds of hours on my regions and have never come close to being as realistic as yours but then again i am not using nearly as many mods and props as you are and what not i dont really understand how to install alot of them but im getting there! your work is great to look at for inspiration! make sure you backup! i lost all my stuff about 6 months ago so im starting all over
  2. Portland Oregon

    Oh its cool....thanks for posting it..........i just dont know how to make maps so i was just suggesting that you include Hillsboro.......just thought it would be cool to see the area where i live..........
  3. Portland Oregon

    YOu should extend it west more to include the valley.........hillsboro mainly cuz thats where im from :)
  4. Brookline Paper Company

    i goto OSU and about 10 miles north in Alabany there is a paper plant and it SMELLS HORRIBLE AND IS HUGE maybe you could make a 2nd lot with HUGE PILES of wood chips that eventually are produced into paper also ALOT OF GARBAGE and a RAIL SPUR make it 10x10 with lots of diff buildings